Chrissy Marie – Stretched & Sweaty Interrogation

I will torture you slowly and methodically until you beg me for mercy.” So you electrocute her again, but this time it knocks her out. Chrissy Marie is hanging from her wrists, slumped and sweaty. The camera slowly pans her body with close ups of her sweaty, stubbly armpits. When she comes to her attitude has changed. She pleads with you “please no more torture, have mercy”. I can’t tell you anything but I beg you, please don’t torture me. I will do anything.

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Body Builder Bound For Tickle Torment

Body builder Alexis hires me for photos in order to make the cover of the Woman’s Healthy magazine. Alexis is such a bitch – she’s complaining the entire time and insulting my ability to get a good shot of her. After a run of insults, I finally snap and press a chloroform rag over her pretty face. Down she goes out cold. Well babydoll, sex sells I tell the limp girl as I strip off her skimpy short shorts and crop top. I tie her wrists off to the heavy dumbbells so that she’s not able to struggle too much. I straddle the uppity body builder and begin tickling her armpits. Alexis shrieks is agony as her muscular body flexes and spasms. I remove my blouse and straddle her again getting off on her gorgeous body bucking and struggling to avoid my fingers. She bucks so hard she nearly throws my body off – I feel like I’m riding the bronco at the bar! I tickle torture the strong woman until she nearly passes out.

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Sandra Silvers And Lisa – Tickle & Orgasm Whitney Morgan

In the large warehouse playroom a St Andrews Cross is set on an incline, holding Whitney Morgan spread and vulnerable in vintage bra and shiny skintight disco pants. Sandra Silvers and Lisa strut in to start their torments – the MILF team mates in teasing waste no time in tickling every laid bare, sensitive spot on poor Whitney’s body. Leather straps keep wriggles in check at wrists, elbows, waist, thighs, knees and ankles, squeals barely contained behind a leather gag, as armpits, crotch and feet are attacked with delving fingers.

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Russian Fetish – Relax And Get Pleasure From Tickling

Russian Fetish - Relax And Get Pleasure From Tickling

First position: Kyra lies on the bed on her belly. Her legs are tied at the ankles, her arms are tied at the wrists and fixed over her head. I come and start to explore her reaction to tickling, and to my luck, she’s sensitive. Her reaction turns me on. I tickle her feet and sometimes switch on her upper body. Second position: Kyra lies on the back in the “Y” position. At this time I tied her ankles to the bed’s beam. At this position I tickle her armpits, belly and ribs and occasionally switch on her feet. She has a great reaction, sometimes even explosive.

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Russian Fetish – Tickling Of Tied Esenya

Russian Fetish - Tickling Of Tied Esenya

Our guest today is gorgeous Esenya. I tied her legs at the ankles and tied them to a couch, her feet look at the camera. Her hands are also tied. I start tickling her feet with a hairbrush, hands and toothbrush. After tickling the feet I turn to her ribs and armpits, meanwhile my partner comes and continues to tickle her soles. After some time the partner leaves, and I continue with tickling her upper body. Esenya is tightly bound so she has no chance to escape.

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Russian Fetish – Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls + 6 Hands

Russian Fetish - Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls

Tickle torture of Atlanta by girls + 6 hands tickle and double foot torture with her step-sister. This video is about tickling and tormenting the feet of Atlanta and her step-sister Gera. The topless girls are sitting on the couch with their feet tied in front and their hands fixed at the back. I torture their feet with fire, and then I make some hits with a rod and a whip and then use a paddle. After that, they have a long torment with the Wartenberg’s pinwheel. In the end, together with Susanna, we tickle their feet and armpits.

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Russian Fetish – 30 Minutes Tickling Of Topless Elizabeth

Russian Fetish - 30 Minutes Tickling Of Topless Elizabeth

Elizabeth is standing in the middle of the room, her arms are fixed and raised up with a lift. I go up to her and unfasten her bra, give her to hold straps in her mouth. If she doesn’t want to flash her boobs, then she must hold her bra straps with her teeth. Well, you might know that Elizabeth is way too ticklish on her upper body, so from her violent reaction, the bra begins to dangle in different directions until I finally removed it. Then I continue the intense tickling of her sides and armpits. Elizabeth squeals and laughs, trying to run away from me while I tickle her armpits, boobs, and tummy. It’s so funny.

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Russian Fetish – Shadow Tickles Defenseless Girl

Russian Fetish - Shadow Tickles Defenseless Girl

Ameliya stands barefoot, wearing jeans and a shirt over her bra. Her hands are tied up over her head and I will tickle her from behind on a black background. I wear black gloves as if a shadow tickles a defenseless girl. This is followed by a close-up of the tickling of her sides and armpits, where the shadow clamps her into a hug and tickles. Then an electric toothbrush is added to the tickling tools.

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Russian Fetish – Alsu Intimate Tickling Games

Russian Fetish - Alsu Intimate Tickling Games

Alsu wears a sexy outfit which shows her breasts, she is suspended by the hands and I sensually tickle her body and bite her. Then Alsu is immobilized on a lying cross and I will do whatever I want with her. I tickle her thighs, belly, armpits. My tongue tickles her sides and armpits, as well as the stomach. Next, Alsu is hogtied on the bench. I tickle her in this position and then move on to whips and sticks.

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Maria Jade Stretched & Sliced By Pendulum

Maria Jade is the next topless, very oiled up, shiny skinned, cuffed and stretched beyond her control unable to move a muscle, cleave gagged, slinky thong clad wearing damsel under my pendulum of doom. With every click we hear, the more her arms are stretched above her head pulling her arms up and up as her ankles are cuffed and chained tightly below the cold metal table. Her elbows go as straight as they can go before dislocating any shoulders revealing her very shiny smooth armpits, bare breasts, vulnerable belly, thighs, calves, and barefeet and spread toes. The light makes her oiled up body glisten so nicely as she realizes the pendulum above her starts swinging and so slowly lowering as she has no choice but to mpphh and hyperventilate out of fear through her black bandana cleave gag and her eyes beg for mercy but this metal sharp medieval torture device has no mercy as it continues to lower.

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Futile Struggles – Hooters Girl Rides The Nag Pt3

I walk up to Rin with some thin twine. I use it to tie up her fingers. I then tie it off to the string under her armpits. I do the same to the other hand. I then remove her shoes and cut the toes out of her socks. I use more twine to tie her thumbs to her big toes. Once I’m happy with the way it looks, I take a well deserved break again as Rin Rides the nag.

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Russian Fetish – Two Topless Girls In Ticklish Situation

Russian Fetish - Two Topless Girls In Ticklish Situation

They lie on the mattress and I’m going to tickle their armpits and sides. I also use an oil to better glide over their bodies. Most of the time I focus on the brunette, who’s trying tickling for the first time and she is very ticklish. I bite her and she goes crazy.

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