Jewell Marceau – Favorite Ballgags And Hogties

Favorite Ballgags And Hogties

After applying fresh bright red lipstick Jewell sets off to share her large collection of huge ball gags with the camera. Gag by gag, they increase in size, stretching the beautiful Jewell to her limit. After her “fashion show,” you’ll be in the mood to have a cigarette of your own, but it doesn’t stop there as Jewell then endures a series of fabulous hogties!

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Jewell Marceau – Polished Hogtied Ballgagged

Who knew of the obsession for hogties and bare-feet, and jaw-stretching ball-gags? Come and see no fewer than 3 of the sexiest women in bondage today, in tight, sensual bondage. Hear our own precious Michelle make the prettiest noises through her gags you’ve ever heard. These are great hogties, awesome struggling and undulating, and genuine hot hogtied moments. Stunning Jewel Marceau shares unforgettable rapture with us – Paige strictly hogtied her, gagged her and ingeniously bound a vibrator inside her. Jewel reciprocated by screaming into her gag repeatedly while fucking herself into a multiple orgasm. And everybody’s favorite, Talia Monet moans for help, expertly chewing on a pulpy rubber gag to pleading words you can barely understand. Gag talk is so sexy!

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Rachel Adams – Bikini Bound!

When I saw Rachel Adams as part of the bikini team handing out at the local bar, I KNEW I had to make her mine, and now I have! Clad only in her tiny bikini and plenty of rope, the poor girl fought to make herself heard underneath my hand gag as I told my buddy about my prize, but all she could muster was a series of muffled frustrated grunts. When I popped a big fat ball gag into her mouth, stretching her jaw to painful degrees, she really became upset!

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Captive Chrissy – Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 2

Captive Chrissy - Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 2

When they arrive at his secret lair the masked man cradle carries Chrissy’s limp body in his arms and lays her out on the wooden rack in the center of the room. She finally comes to and finds herself in quite the perilous predicament. The masked man returns and starts to crank the winch a little tighter, stretching her out even more and the menacing noise it makes causes her eyes to widen in fear! He runs his hands up and down her tight body as she squirms and pulls open her bikini top as she helplessly mmmppphs in protest! Keywords: Chrissy Marie, knocked out, damsel in distress, cradle carried, bound, bondage rack, torture rack, ballgag, leather cuffs, stretched, topless, riding crop, foot torture, flogging.

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