Ashley Captured Cop Pt5

In this last installment of Ashley’s ordeal, our heroes (the bad guys) put Ashley up on the online slave market. The good bad guys order her through humiliating positions to show off her…assets? And many other good parts. The bidding was going routinely until her badge was thrust into her garter belt and it was announced that she was a cop. Then the bidding went crazy and she was sold to the highest bidder, who ordered immediate shipping!

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Ashley Captured Cop Pt4

If you like watching a brand new slave dressing for her new masters pleasure all the while chained by the neck to the bed, then this clip is for you.

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Ashley Captured Cop Pt3

Now it’s time for Ashley to pay for that little escape attempt. They finished the bondage so quickly that she only wakes up AFTER the main bad guy is walking out saying: Lets see you get out of that!! While we enjoy her struggling, it is quite clear that she is going nowhere. Even if she did get loose from the leather straps, she is neck chained to the bed. But tight bondage as a form of discomfort is quite effective and Ashley is ready to submit to get out of it. So the bad guy starts releasing her… but what is next?

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Ashley Captured Cop Pt2

Ashley does indeed manage to get her ankles loose but the elbow ropes are going nowhere! And after a brief and unsuccessful attempt to remove her gag, she gives up….gets up… and runs for it! She runs so fast in fact – always looking behind her – that she barely stops before running into the smiling bad guy. As she starts backing away, the henchman steps out behind her and she backs right into him! This henchman is quite the pervert and his boss lets him have some fun with her before throwing her body over his shoulder for a nice long OTS carry of her body.

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Ashley Captured Cop Pt1

Cop Ashley breaks into the lair of the bad bondage guys and finds out why these guys are professionals. Within seconds the main bad guy grabs her, throws her down and controls her easily. Well, well, well… Now what to do? She might have back up! Best get her under total control then and make some calls. So he rolls her over and cuffs her with her own cuffs. While she is laying there all sexy and and helpless, he thinks maybe there is time for one more slave auction before leaving the area. After removing most of her clothing, he hogties her and goes to make those calls. Ashley the cop does not just lay there and take it though! She struggles and struggles and slowly gets her hands free! But she still has her ankles and elbows tied!

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B&D Pleasures – Captured Cop Trilogy

Captured Cop Trilogy - Explosion

Three classic videos now available on the web completely uncut and digitally re-mastered! That’s right, you have within your view the entire Captured Cop Trilogy, the twisted tail of two crooks named Boris and Natasha who will stop at nothing to get their hands on a large sum of cash. A bounty of beautiful women get bound, gagged, suspended, kidnapped, ransomed and humiliated!

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Power Shotz – Bootie Call

Power Shotz - Bootie Call

The fabulous Alex Del Monaco is captured, stripped, whipped, bound, gagged and disciplined in various stages of undress. You want to see her bent over a stool, whipped and spanked hard? How about clothes pins on the nipples, mouth stuffing, hog roped or handcuffed?

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Erotic Distress – Bound And Tormented 4

Erotic Distress - Bound And Tormented 4

Jade Indica: Sexy brunette Jade dons a realistic police uniform to play a cop that is captured, bound and gagged. Jade keeps trying to escape but nothing works! Carissa Montgomery: Busty blonde Carissa is grabbed at home, bound, gagged, manhandled and molested. Then she is stripped for more abuse.

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