Chastity Babes Video Collection 1

This is seriously good news! Cobie is back!! One of our top Chastity Babes, a very sweet and sexy girl who truly loves to get belted and challenged! Of course, she can’t be here very often, as she is from Australia, but she made it all the way over here for an epic Chastity Deal!

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The Bondage Mistress Club – Jail Bait

Disciplining a female rubber slave in front of the male inmates in my cell block is always fun because it frustrates the men as well as bringing pain and humiliation to the women. Stripping the lovely Ashley Renee naked in order to fit her metal chastity belt drives the guys crazy but it does stop her endlessly masturbating in her cell.

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Chimera Bondage – Katy Cee

Katy Cee

Katy Cee frog ties her legs gives instructions to her boyfriend on what she wants him to do before securing a head harness into place on herself with an inflatable gag in her mouth. Her boyfriend then follows his instructions and fastens her arms behind her back into a mono glove armbinder and tightens Katy’s chastity belt and leaves her to wriggle on the floor.

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