Constance – Hogtied In Dancewear And Drooling

Constance - Hogtied In Dancewear And Drooling

Constance wears a leopard print french cut thong leotard over the top of a spandex dance suit with leg warmers. She knows how hot she looks and decides to put on a little tease for us, complete with as slapping. She wants to be tied up very badly, and she’s using this little tease of her’s to entice him to wrap some ropes around her. Who is he to refuse? He binds her up quite inescapably in an extra tight hogtie and leaves her ballgagged, struggling, and drooling heavily all over the bed. Keywords: dance wear, leotard fetish, spandex bondage, lycra, leg warmers, hogtied, crotch rope, bound elbows, struggling, helpless, heavy drooling, ballgagged, ass slapping.

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Terra Mizu – Swimsuit Lockdown

Terra Mizu wears a sexy silky one piece Speedo swimsuit and some extra shiny dance tights. First we strap her in a leather armbinder and belt her upper body to hold her arms in nice and tight. Then she is gagged with a strict trainer style ball gag and blindfolded. Next we lay her on her back, stretch her long legs down, and frogtie them with thick leather straps.

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