Elite Pain – Wheel Of Pain

Amanda’s next spins result in a doubler and then 50 full body lashes. Once again the victim is suspended by their wrists and able to spin around for frontal whipping. Lady Amanda appears to really be struggling at this point. I think that Cleo senses that Amanda is almost broken and takes some of the steam out of her lashes and definitely shows a scant amount of mercy by not whipping her breasts very much.

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Elitepain – Painful Duel 4

Elitepain - Painful Duel 4

Wild screams live visual complement these infernal movies. In addition to carrots and sticks Regulators are applied needle and pins which pierces the chests of the girls as well as their genitals.

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Elite Pain – Bid For Pain

Bid For Pain

This is an exciting new game show release from Mood-Picture! In this game participants can actually BID for pain. Does it have any sense? Yes. The “pain master” offers a specific punishment (e.g 20 cane strokes) for a certain prize (e.g. 800 dollars). If all participants accept this offer, they have to bid.

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Barbed Wire Dolls

Barbed Wire Dolls - BDSM DVD

One of cult director Jesus Franco’s best-known efforts, this Swiss-West German co-production was his first collaboration with producer Erwin C. Dietrich, who would release numerous Franco efforts through his Elite Film studio. It seems like a standard women’s prison tale, with Lina Romay as Maria, jailed for life after killing her father when he tried to rape her. There’s a lesbian warden, more rape, torture, insanity, and so forth, with the obligatory conspiracy and a downbeat twist ending to round out the formula.

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Mood Pictures – Domina Education

Domina Education

We are seeking new mistresses (dominas) for Elite Pain. We give it a try, and see whether a good submissive can be transformed to a vicious mistress. This video shows the education of Anette to become a good domina.

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