ShadowPlayers – Naked Slavegirls Punished

ShadowPlayers - Naked Slavegirls Punished DVD

Sybil, Dawn and Lillith are naughty slavegirls who must be made to endure every whim that their demanding master has! Of course, the only proper way for his point to be made is if the girls are as naked as the day they were born. Sybil’s endurance is stretched to the limit in three ways. First, she must choose between standing on her toes for an agonizing time or get relief only to have her nipples clamped while her bottom is paddled. Next, she must crawl on the floor to move padlocks from place to place using only a hook through the ring of her nose. Failure to finish on time results in more paddling. Finally, she is bound to a cross and given a strong lashing on her lush breasts and smooth shaven pussy.

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Abigail Dupree – 55th Strokes Extreme BDSM Discipline

Slave Abigail Dupree is motivated by her need for excellence. She rarely disappoints her Master but when she fails to do her best, points are added to her infraction board, later to be removed by Corporal Punishment. Master James has decided to take 55 from the board with the carbon fiber cane, quirt, single tail, wooden paddle. A look at discipline from the handlers point of view. Slave Abigail 525-871-465 is tortured with whips, cane and paddle to get here screams the way I like to hear them. I guess you can say I beat the snot out of here for my own enjoyment. The carbon fiber cane is what really, fucking, hurts!

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Pling In Her Own Metal!

Swedish bondage model Pling is probably the only one of our girls to actually have her own steel restraints! She has a full set of custom made SM-Factory restraints (neck, wrists, and ankles), and a chastity belt that she wears regularly! Well, since she was locked into her SM-Factory gear, we decided to connect that to our doggy-style frame. Pling thought that would be easy, but we spaced her wrists very far apart so she could not really lean on her arms. She had to work really hard to relieve pressure from her collar! The strength in her arms soon started to fail, and the simple position becomes a beautiful static struggle!

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Pain Vixens – Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant

Nubile female recruit is put through an arduous and exhausting physical regimen to break her will. See her muscles strain to hold the heavy rocks, even when her supply is cut off with elastic straps. The cruel sergeant takes great delight in lashing her when she fails.

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California Star – Strung Out

California Star - Strung Out

Annabelle and Loren are about to feel the wraith of their sobriety center owner, Marc Wolfe, when he learns that they have failed their drug test. Finding Loren sunbathing he declares that he must turn her into the probation officer. There is only one alternative, submit to being tied up and he will forget about the offense.

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Infernal Restraints – Terrible Pain

Infernal Restraints - Terrible Pain

From the second you see Zayda J in her hot red dress you can tell this is going to be a good day. PD has her pacing in circles, working on her posture and her form. Every step she takes is supposed to be a study in seduction. Each move needs to look natural and no matter the circumstances. She has to be able to maintain her composure without fail!

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