Russian Fetish – Hey Kira, I Won’t Stop Tickle Your Feet

Russian Fetish - Hey Kira, I Won’t Stop Tickle Your Feet

At this clip Kira is tied in a hogtie. This position is favorite for many tickling fans and I love this position too. The victim completely helpless and her feet are open to tickling, and from the outside it looks very hot by the way. Well it’s the time to tickle her feet. I start tickle with my fingers and fingernails, and then move on to tickle with a comb. Kira has a good reaction, she jerks and laughs. I cann’t stop tickling her. Mostly I tickle her feet, and in addition I crawled under a bench and tickle her ribs a bit.

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Russian Fetish – Miss Plump Lips – Intensive Feet Tickling!

Russian Fetish - Miss Plump Lips - Intensive Feet Tickling!

Kira have to endure the tickling shock today. She have never been tickled so long before, especially her erogenous places. Her soft feet can sense even a light tickling – I take gloves and start tickling her through her thin socks. Naturally she is very ticklish – she laughs, and when she’s getting used to it, I tickle her stronger! Pulling off her socks I begin to touch her soft pads of her toes – and tickle them! Very dynamic Kira don’t hesitate to show her emotions, laughing and even squealing with strong tickling!

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Russian Fetish – I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Russian Fetish - I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Tickler and foot maniacs tied and tickled Marica in her house. While Marica was returning home, two maniacs had already cracked her door, they managed to sneak in and hid in one of the rooms, waiting for Marica. The criminals put a blindfold on the girl’s eyes and tickle her until she gets crazy, they tickle her feet and sides, breasts, and then use a comb and a large goose feather on her feet. The foot lover begins to suck and lick Marica’s feet again. Having changed the position of the girl into hogtie and tightly tied her, foot lover begins to torture Marica’s feet with a tickle using a comb, and then unties her legs and presses them to him to lick them more carefully.

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Russian Fetish – The Hunt For Amazing Ada’s Feet

Russian Fetish - The Hunt For Amazing Ada's Feet

Alla got ready to enjoy Ada’s magnificent feet by removing her sneakers and socks. Ada had a great red pedicure and Alla was pleased that she finally got the feet of this beauty. She savored and tickled Ada’s feet and her sides before starting to lick them. And then she did it at the same time. Alla began to kiss and lick Ada’s feet, although the girl protested.

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Russian Fetish – 19 y.o. Vesna Gets Her Feet Tickled For The First Time

AESP - Final Exam

19 y.o. cutie Vesna is going to learn something about tickling tonight. She’s in stocks and has her feet and hands are fixed. I start tickling her and she reacts sweetly. She’s not going crazy, but she jerks and moans while I’m tickling her feet and upper body.

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Rachel Adams – Hitch Hiker Held Hostage

Rachel Adams never learned the lesson abbout the dangers of accepting rides from strangers, and now she’s held captive in a strange man’s apartment. He has her tightly bound and silenced with a fat ball gag, so she’s completely at his mercy. She thrashes about in a hopeless effort to free herself, calling for help behind the mouth filling gag. When she spies the stranger’s phone, she tries to call for help, but she is caught in the act! As payment for her efforts, the stranger swaps out the ball gag for an inflatable pump gag, which he pumps up to jaw busting capacity! To keep her from trying anything like that again, he puts her into a very tight hogtie, and as a final punishment, ties her hair back to her feet!

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The Position II – Absolute Hogties

The return of everyone’s favorite position, The Hogtie, wall-to-wall and nothing but! The beauties severely hogtied and strictly gagged in these all brand new scenes include: AMBER MICHAELS twice-tied – attached to a beam and in a leopard bikini; SADIE BELLE doing a difficult “hopping hogtie”; AUTUMN WOODS hogtied by a masked intruder onscreen; KARINA SANTOS in two ties – one in white lingerie and stocking feet, the other in black lingerie and heels; KELLY MOON bikini’s and barefoot; JULIE SIMONE in slip and heels; MOLLY MATTHEWS in heels; COURTNEY CHAMBERS in boots; ANGELIQUE LEI in stocking feet and SASS LYN in a bonus “kneeling” hogtie.

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Futile Struggles Video Collection 1

Afsana is usually doing the tying it seems, so I thought it might be fun if the tables were turned. I boxtie her and throw in some breast bondage. She is briefly manhandled and I smack her ass a few times… it is obvious that she is not used to this kind of treatment. She seems like she is for the most part enjoying herself until she is hogtied. The hogtie is tight, and I even add some rope to her hands and feet as well.

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Russian Fetish – Kira On The Machine For Tickling

Russian Fetish - Kira On The Machine For Tickling

Kira is fixed on the tickle torment device. Tikler comes and starts to tickle her elastic sexy body. I like her reaction, she’s truly sensitive to touches on the ribs, abdomen and legs/feet. Her posture looks very hot, it’s like doggy style. She asks to stop through laughter and jerks a lot. But Tickler isn’t going to stop, he tickles all parts of her body, which only can reach. What a great view on her ass by the way! There is also quite ticklish. So, we offer you a 15-minute clip with hot intense tickling of Russian girl and a very juicy plans.

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Russian Fetish – Relax And Get Pleasure From Tickling

Russian Fetish - Relax And Get Pleasure From Tickling

First position: Kyra lies on the bed on her belly. Her legs are tied at the ankles, her arms are tied at the wrists and fixed over her head. I come and start to explore her reaction to tickling, and to my luck, she’s sensitive. Her reaction turns me on. I tickle her feet and sometimes switch on her upper body. Second position: Kyra lies on the back in the “Y” position. At this time I tied her ankles to the bed’s beam. At this position I tickle her armpits, belly and ribs and occasionally switch on her feet. She has a great reaction, sometimes even explosive.

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Russian Fetish – Tickling Sensitive Pretty Blonde

Russian Fetish - Tickling Sensitive Pretty Blonde

Klavdia, a nice blonde girl is in a ticklish situation again. She has some especially ticklish spots like breasts and waist. I run a feather across her body, slowly. Then I start pushing on her sensitive spots to make her laugh louder. After that, I go to her feet, half take off her socks and see her tender heels. I tickle them, then remove socks completely and tickle her feet intensive. Then I add some cream on her soles and tickle them with a hairbrush. Her feet are quite big and they are good for tickling.

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Russian Fetish – Tickling Of Tied Esenya

Russian Fetish - Tickling Of Tied Esenya

Our guest today is gorgeous Esenya. I tied her legs at the ankles and tied them to a couch, her feet look at the camera. Her hands are also tied. I start tickling her feet with a hairbrush, hands and toothbrush. After tickling the feet I turn to her ribs and armpits, meanwhile my partner comes and continues to tickle her soles. After some time the partner leaves, and I continue with tickling her upper body. Esenya is tightly bound so she has no chance to escape.

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Russian Fetish – Serial tickler – The Beginning Of Psycho-Thriller Tickle Story

Russian Fetish - Serial tickler - The Beginning Of Psycho-Thriller Tickle Story

This story begins on a summer day in the park when our Psycho Tickler searches for his first victim. Elizabeth goes home and suddenly someone pounces on her from behind in a deserted lane. He carries limp Elizabeth to his place and lies her on the floor. Then he begins to undress her jacket and pullover so she is in her T-Shirt. Then he is removing her shoes and sniffs them. Then he is sniffing at her socked feet and slowly removes the socks too. Then he ballgags her and brings a tablet with many tickle torment tools on it like oil, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, etc.

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Russian Fetish – Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls + 6 Hands

Russian Fetish - Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls

Tickle torture of Atlanta by girls + 6 hands tickle and double foot torture with her step-sister. This video is about tickling and tormenting the feet of Atlanta and her step-sister Gera. The topless girls are sitting on the couch with their feet tied in front and their hands fixed at the back. I torture their feet with fire, and then I make some hits with a rod and a whip and then use a paddle. After that, they have a long torment with the Wartenberg’s pinwheel. In the end, together with Susanna, we tickle their feet and armpits.

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Russian Fetish – Sexy Lady In Black Catsuit

Russian Fetish - Sexy Lady In Black Catsuit

Sexy Lady In Black Catsuit – Bondage Training, Drooling And Tickling. Ann is now hogtied so that her ankles are together (straight), a new ballgag is put in her mouth and she is now spanked by hand and tickled on her feet, ribs, inner thighs and anywhere else Yuno can think of, for a while. Soon, a smaller coil of rope is presented. She is toe tied so that her toes are made to point. Then she is tickled some more. Particularly on her feet but everywhere possible is game. Yuno escalates the tickling to nails, brush and some oil. Plenty of helpless laughter, drooling, twitching and shrieking.

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Close-Up Concepts – The Seduction Of Scarlett

Lovely Jewell Marceau again stars as slave “Scarlett.” Bryan Davies carries her bound body over his shoulder and gently sets her down for some sexy fondling. The bondages are tough and demanding, but Scarlett must obey and she does. By evening, the once protesting prisoner has been transformed into a purring pet, even in a difficult hogtie that pulls her hair back to her feet!

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Batgirl’s Bondage Therapy

Batgirl's Bondage Therapy

Batgirl is laying on the couch talking to her new therapist. She explains the reason for visit is because Batman thinks she has had a change in behavior. The first clue was the change in costume from the traditional to the more revealing bikini costume. She also explains that Batman thinks that she’s allowing herself to be captured and tied up by low level henchmen because she secretly enjoys being captured and tied up. Batgirl laughs and obviously doesn’t believe Batman’s theory but the therapist wants to test it by tying her up and observing her behavior. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, rope bondage, stockinged feet, struggling, tied up, cleave gag, groping, hand gagging, non-nude, bikini, bound orgasms, sleepy limp fetish, damsel in distress.

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Brooke’s Bondage Therapy

Brooke's Bondage Therapy

Brooke Thomsen wiggles around but just as he suspected, his ropes are far to tight for her to get loose, but he will add some more just to be sure! He takes off her sneakers and socks to reveal her smooth bare feet and then tightly binds her thighs. As she is struggling around on the floor for ‘stress relief’ he sneaks up behind her and shoves a piece of cloth in her mouth and seals it in with tape. She begs him to stop now that she has decided that his technique is really not for her, but it’s too late! No one can hear her mmmpphhs and cries for help. He finishes off by tying her elbows together then hogties her. Keywords: Brooke Thomsen, bound woman, tied up, duct tape gag, mouth packing, struggle, sneaker fetish, tennis shoes, barefoot, topless, hogtied brunette, elbow tie, on screen gagging, on screen tying.

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Captive Chrissy – Naughty Nun Bound To Repent

Captive Chrissy - Naughty Nun Bound To Repent

Step-Sister Chrissy Marie is surprised and not sure what to expect as he begins tying her wrists behind her back. Finally he binds her into a strict hogtie and tells her she is going to stay there bound and gagged like that all night! After a night of hopelessly struggling in strict bondage she will surely have repented for her sins, unless this naughty nun ends up enjoying that too! Keywords: Chrissy Marie, nun costume, marlboro red 100, woman punished, hogtied woman, elbow bound, crotch rope, ball gag, gagging, drooling, high heels, stocking feet, on screen tying.

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Captive Chrissy – Sporty Girl Struggling In Socks

Captive Chrissy - Sporty Girl Struggling In Socks

As the masked man stands over her trying to figure out what he wants to do with her next, Chrissy Marie is upset that he has humiliated her like he has and gets brave by trying to kick him with her socked feet. That just means he will need to secure her more effectively, like in a very strict hogtie! He tells her he is going to make more preparations for her upstairs and leaves her struggling and desperately trying to escape, although her struggle is surely a futile effort as the ropes and gag are tight and inescapable and he will be back for her before she would ever manage to get free! Keywords: Chrissy Marie, sneakers, white ankle socks, knocked out, stripped girl, hand over mouth, mouth packing, cleave gagging, hogtied woman, gagged women, damsel in distress, rope bondage, on screen tying.

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