Russian Fetish – Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls + 6 Hands

Russian Fetish - Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls

Tickle torture of Atlanta by girls + 6 hands tickle and double foot torture with her step-sister. This video is about tickling and tormenting the feet of Atlanta and her step-sister Gera. The topless girls are sitting on the couch with their feet tied in front and their hands fixed at the back. I torture their feet with fire, and then I make some hits with a rod and a whip and then use a paddle. After that, they have a long torment with the Wartenberg’s pinwheel. In the end, together with Susanna, we tickle their feet and armpits.

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Captive Chrissy – Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 2

Captive Chrissy - Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 2

When they arrive at his secret lair the masked man cradle carries Chrissy’s limp body in his arms and lays her out on the wooden rack in the center of the room. She finally comes to and finds herself in quite the perilous predicament. The masked man returns and starts to crank the winch a little tighter, stretching her out even more and the menacing noise it makes causes her eyes to widen in fear! He runs his hands up and down her tight body as she squirms and pulls open her bikini top as she helplessly mmmppphs in protest! Keywords: Chrissy Marie, knocked out, damsel in distress, cradle carried, bound, bondage rack, torture rack, ballgag, leather cuffs, stretched, topless, riding crop, foot torture, flogging.

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Infernal Restraints – Bad Bunny (Cadence Cross)

Cadence Cross told us she was a pain slut so we decided to make every bit of her experience here a test of that. Every toy, tool and position will be used to make her scream, and then we’ll check to see how wet she gets. It isn’t hard to see. This girl is ready to cum from the canings, the vibrators are hardly necessary. When electricity starts dancing across her body the sounds that come out of her are equal parts shock and pleasure. Tags: Ass Hook, Caning, Chains, Dildo, Electrical Play, Foot Caning, Foot Torture, Hitachi, Metal Bondage, Metal Gag, Panty Gag, Piercings, Single Tail, Strappado, Bastinado.

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Hard Tied – Gunning For Beretta

How hard can Baretta James cum? Well, to really know we’re going to have to take our time and do things right. It means warming her up first, making sure that she is ready to go. Jack Hammer plays with her pussy while she stands as still as possible in her bondage. Next comes the pain. At first it brings her down from the edge of orgasm, but soon enough it starts to overwhelm her with an eroticism all its own. Having her ass beaten with canes and whips should have her in tears, or at least humiliated. Instead she is so turned on she barely knows what to do. Tags: Ass Caning, Ass Flogging, Ass Whipping, Breast Bondage, Breast Caning, Breast Groping, Caning, Chair Tie, Dildo, Flogging, Foot Torture, Fucking Machine, Hitachi, Nipple Clamps, Rope Bondage, Thigh Caning, Weighted Nipple Clamps.

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Hard Tied – Ravaging Rain (Rain DeGrey)

Hard Tied - Ravaging Rain

Rain always requests the most extreme trip on the menu. This time she wants to feel what it’s like to be manhandled, bound, scared and put under total control. Her adventure begins when I lead her out back of the barn by a the metal cable around her throat. Tags: Ball Gag, Breast Bondage, Crying, Dildo, Drool, Foot Torture, Kicking, Nipple Clamps, Outdoor, Red Ball Gag, Rope Bondage, Tears, Water, Humiliation.

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Hard Tied – Stuck In The Mud (Cici Rhodes)

Hard Tied - Stuck In The Mud

Cici has a live bondage show scheduled to be broadcast from the farm in a weeks time. She needs help getting into the proper mindset. Girls like Cici tend to get all crazy from the constant barrage of nonsense garbage stimulus that is big city life. Several hours spent stripped down and tied to a post in the mud with a rough piece of wood forced between her teeth help her focus on the task ahead. Tags: Blindfold, Block Gag, Breast Whipping, Clothespins, Drool, Foot Torture, Hogtie, Neck Rope, Pogo, Pussy Clamps, Rope Gag, Single Tail, Suspension, Tape Gag, Whip.

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Hardtied – Marks The Spot (Mia Gold)

X Marks The Spot

In sheer frustration, Mia Gold humps the dildo positioned between her thighs, trying in vain to bury it deeper into her cunt, in hopes it will be enough to flip her switch. Hours later, hogtied and ball gagged on the floor, she fares no better. Ankles and wrists secured behind her with thumbs bound together, she struggles briefly but only manages to tighten the rope around her neck. The sense of helplessness and total loss of control drives Mia wild. Tags: Ball Gag, Bastinado, Begging, Breast Whipping, Celebrator, Chair Tie, Dildo, Endurance Bondage, Eroscillator, Foot Torture, Hitachi, Mouth Stuffing, Neck Rope, Nipple Clamps, Nipple Pinching, Nose Hook, Nose Play, Orgasm Denial, Predicament Bondage, Red Ball Gag, Rope Bondage, Tape Gag, Vaginal Penetration.

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Infernal Restraints – Compliance Part 2 (Cherie DeVille, Elise Graves)

Infernal Restraints - Compliance Part 2

After transferring Cherie DeVille to the stocks, OT invites a friend in to play with his toy. Elise Graves comes in and Cherie can’t even see her from her position, all she can do is feel the extra set of hands playing by her feet. Poking, caning, biting, and just generally tormenting, Elise and OT work together while the medieval torture device keep their prey in position. It isn’t their touch that is causing Cherie the most distress, though. The wooden frames themselves are insidious in the position she’s in. While they work her over she is distracted from it, but as soon as she is left alone she can feel the fact that her weight in resting in the worst ways imaginable. Tags: Ass Hook, Ass Whipping, BBQ Skewer, Blonde, Blonde Slave Training, Breast Caning, Caning, Celebrator, Bastinado, Dildo, Flogging, Foot Caning, Foot Torture, Handcuffs, Hitachi, Hot Wax, Metal Bondage, Orgasm, Pogo, Pussy Flogging, Single Tail, Spreader Bar, Stocks, Tape Gag, Whip, Whipping Porn, Whipping Women, Zip Ties.

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Hard Tied – Out Cry (Hailey Young)

Hard Tied - Out Cry

If Hailey had just been content to sit alone in the dark she could have saved herself a lot of pain. All she had to do was stay silent and PD would have attended to her in his own time. But she could not help herself. She called out and complained, and now she needs to be taught a lesson. One with clamps and canes and lots of pain! Tags: Arm Binder, Ass Caning, Ass Hook, Ass Whipping, Bells on Nipples, Bit Gag, Breast Whipping, Caning, Dental Gag, Dildo, Face Slapping, Foot Torture, Full Face Mask, Hood, Humiliation, Leather cuffs, Metal Bondage, Nipple Clamps, Pins Under Nails, Pussy Clamps, Single Tail, Toe Bondage, Whipping.

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Infernal Restraints – Iron Bound (Courtney Taylor)

Infernal Restraints - Iron Bound

Courtney Taylor has no idea what iron bondage is about. She can’t even recognize what most of these metal contraptions are for. And then she says the fateful words. “Ok, well… I trust you.” Trust is such a funny thing. She must think she is too hot to hurt. How much punishment can those tits take? How long can she hold back the waves of orgasms? What twisted positions can she languish in, and for how long before she has to beg to be released? Tags: Arm Binder, Ass Flogging, Ball Gag, Caning, Chains, Dildo, Drool, Flogging, Foot Caning, Foot Torture, Hitachi, Metal Bondage, Metal Collar, Metal Gag, Nipple Clamps, Pipe Gag, Pogo, Bastinado.

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Infernal Restraints – Escape Attempts (Hailey Young, Nicki Blue)

Infernal Restraints - Escape Attempts

There are some days in the life of a slave that are simple. They are the days when PD just wants a set of holes. All Hailey Young has to do to avoid punishment is follow instructions and fuck for her life. Of course she is not even competent enough to manage that. PD dumps another one of his favorite animals into the mix, Nicki Blue. Nicki and Hailey begin looking for a way out, but before they get very far PD is back and looking to play some games. Tags: Ass Whipping, Ball Gag, Blow job, Caning, Bastinado, Crotch Rope, Face Bondage, Foot Caning, Foot Torture, Hand Job, Handcuffs, Head Bondage, Metal Collar, Metal Dildo, Oral Sex, Orgasm, Pussy Bondage, Pussy Fondling, Shackles, Single Tail, Spike Board, Tattoo, Vaginal Penetration, Whipping.

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Russian Fetish – I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Russian Fetish - I Want To Lick Her Smelly Feet

Tickler and foot maniacs tied and tickled Marica in her house. While Marica was returning home, two maniacs had already cracked her door, they managed to sneak in and hid in one of the rooms, waiting for Marica. The criminals put a blindfold on the girl’s eyes and tickle her until she gets crazy, they tickle her feet and sides, breasts, and then use a comb and a large goose feather on her feet. The foot lover begins to suck and lick Marica’s feet again. Having changed the position of the girl into hogtie and tightly tied her, foot lover begins to torture Marica’s feet with a tickle using a comb, and then unties her legs and presses them to him to lick them more carefully.

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