Captive Chrissy – Bikini Bondage Practice

My friend Janira Wolfe is in town on break from school and I got an idea that I would practice my bondage practice on Janira while I have the chance. Janira also likes to be tied up so she agrees to help me out and let me practice on her. I start tying her up tight so that I begin to think she won’t possibly be able to escape. Her wrists, thighs and pretty bare feet are bound and I decide I would like to gag my friend Janira because I can’t deny how good she looks with a big red ball gag in her mouth! She rolls her eyes but ultimately agrees, no bondage would be complete without a good gagging! I finish off by binding her into a strict hogtie on the ground and stand above her bound bikini clad body feeling quite proud of my work. Keywords: chrissy marie, janira wolfe, rope bondage, hogtied, ballgag, gagging, gag talk, struggle, bikini, bare soles, escaping, on screen tying.

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