Russian Fetish – Liquidation Of Agent Leya

Russian Fetish - Liquidation Of Agent Leya

In the next scene, Leya lies on the floor with her legs tied to a pole. The bad guy cleans her feet and lubricates them abundantly with oil. He uses a paintbrush and cooking oil, to prepare her feet. After that, he takes a hair dryer – I’ll fry your heels, baby!

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Russian Fetish – Don’t Touch My Stuff Bitch!

Russian Fetish - Don't Touch My Stuff Bitch!

Leya decides to try some self-bondage using the handcuffs on her wrists and feet. She can put herself in a hog cuff by using the toe cuffs to connect the cuffs. Leya hog cuffs herself and starts struggling on the bed, enjoying the feelings of total helplessness. But her roomate Tonya is home early and she finds Leya hog cuffed and helpless. Tonya decides to teach her flatmate a ticklish lesson!

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