Russian Fetish – Miss Plump Lips – Intensive Feet Tickling!

Russian Fetish - Miss Plump Lips - Intensive Feet Tickling!

Kira have to endure the tickling shock today. She have never been tickled so long before, especially her erogenous places. Her soft feet can sense even a light tickling – I take gloves and start tickling her through her thin socks. Naturally she is very ticklish – she laughs, and when she’s getting used to it, I tickle her stronger! Pulling off her socks I begin to touch her soft pads of her toes – and tickle them! Very dynamic Kira don’t hesitate to show her emotions, laughing and even squealing with strong tickling!

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Russian Fetish – Kristy’s Foot Arches Long Tickling

Russian Fetish - Kristy’s Foot Arches Long Tickling

Continuing a series of tickling arches of the girls’ feet – we go to the next model, Kristy, who is afraid of being restrained. Here we will also focus on tickling her feet. Kristy is in a straitjacket, there is a gag in her mouth and a blindfold.

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Nyxon – Satin Tease And Struggle

Satin princess Nyxon teases us in her satin nightie. She smiles as she points her stockinged feet, and then she rolls over and strokes the crotch of her silky pink satin panties. Then.. Just when we can’t resist her any longer.. Magically she is tied up and ballgagged.. Her chest is strictly harnessed, her arms are pulled tightly behind her and her elbows and wrists are bound. Her gorgeous legs are frogtied and spread wide to reveal the strict crotch rope bisecting her satin covered pussy. She struggles deliciously for our amusement, completely helpless.

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H2O Bondage Gems Video Collection 1

H2O Bondage Gems Video Collection 1 – Casey Calvert finds herself on the bottom with 4 feet of water above her. A long chain is draped around her tiny body to keep her down and her hands get handcuffed to her ankles. The perfect pool pet struggles to get herself to the top, but there is absolutely no point in the struggle she soon learns!

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H2O Bondage Gems – Strappado Dunking

H2o Bondage Gems – Drea Morgan has her hands and elbows bound behind her back, and is attached to a hoist above. Good ole uncomfy medieval torture. A heavy set of dumb bells are attached to her feet, oh yes, they are tied too along with her knees as well. Pain is delivered with each pull, so the water is a nice relief. Only for a brief time however, then the air runs out. What a predicament!

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Samantha Grace – Hogtied In Shapewear

Gorgeous Samantha Grace gets very tightly tied up in some satin shape wear and thick nylons. The girdle is tight enough without the strict rope job Shiny adds on. The end result.. A VERY Samantha Grace, her head harness tied back to her feet, elbows welded together behind her, unable to move even the slightest bit, concentrating on her breathing and lasting long enough for me to get a nice 15 minutes of content for my most sadistic bondage fans!

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Jay Edwards – Unconventional Therapy

Sabrina gorgeous all day on their feet – work, business conferences. Good a time when she was finally home. Now she wants to rest and relaxation. But Sabrina is a little different from most girls. Her favorite form of relaxation – therapy his friend Jay Edwards and his superb skills with ropes and gags! And just because it stands easily in high heels all day, Jay goes to the first scene of this particular item! Sabrina is one of the models and this video is no exception – and perhaps her most demanding role. She feels the super-tight rope, broad gags, facial wraps, endless nipple clamps and elbows bondage during their long weekend.

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Infernal Restraints – We Have Her In Stock (Rain DeGrey, Sister Dee)

PD and Sister Dee like to have their fun. They’ll pick up a woman and toy with her. Rain is the latest. They lock her in a set of thick stocks. Rain is wedged into them while she’s passed between Sister Dee and him. Sister Dee torments Rain while he barks orders at her. Put up her leg. Whip her. Now cane her feet. He loves watching so much that he can’t help coming in every few minutes to fuck one of Rain’s holes. It isn’t long before the torment overwhelms Rain and the tears flow freely. This is the kind of fun the couple lives for. Up on the wooden pony Rain is really suffering. Maybe it’s time for a little vibrator action.

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Futile Struggles – Afsana Hogtied

Afsana is usually doing the tying it seems, so I thought it might be fun if the tables were turned. I boxtie her and throw in some breast bondage. She is briefly manhandled and I smack her ass a few times… it is obvious that she is not used to this kind of treatment. She seems like she is for the most part enjoying herself until she is hogtied. The hogtie is tight, and I even add some rope to her hands and feet as well. I then make it tighter, by pulling her up and tying her off above. I leave her like that for a while, before putting her on her side, but she does not last long after that. I added some behind the scenes footage of Afsana being released.

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Captive Chrissy – Extreme Hogtie Endurance

Chrissy Marie has just arrived fresh out of the box at her new home! She is tightly packaged up in jute rope with micro foam tape keeping her sock gagged mouth sealed shut! She is left to endure her extreme hogtie even longer as her master tests the limits on his new bondage slave. She struggles and squirms around on the broken down box, desperately trying to find an ounce of relief, helplessly gagging on the ankle socks stuffed in her mouth! Her ponytail is tied to her wiggling bare feet, and her knees are also bound extremely tight, giving her a hard time as she tries getting her feet closer to her head to relieve the pressure.

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Hybristophilia – Transporter Episode 2 (Hazel Hypnotic)

OT monitors Hazel’s dalliance with the Janitor, and decides she is no longer worthy of the comforts of the cage. She is confined to the cold cement floor. Her toes and thumbs bent back to the shackles. Her arms and legs hogtied to the Pear locked in her cunt. OT canes the soles of her feet and covers her with a single tail whipping. She is prepared for her departure to the farm as she stares down into the swirling wormhole of water.

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Brutal Boob Tie Semi Suspension For Voluptuous MILF Sandra Silvers

Long limbed and lithe, Lisa Harlotte struts into scene with her bound, busty bounty Sandra hopping in tanned sheen pantyhose. First up her on-point stamina, those nylon clad feet must hold her balance tip-toe on the hard concrete, as she’s hoisted up to a ballet stance predicament, slowly and excruciatingly, hanging from her tightly tied, terrific tits. This brutal boob tie semi-suspension isn’t the only thing for tonight’s torments. Slipping out of her skimpy black boy shorts Lisa stuffs the silky fabric between protesting red lips of her captive, picking up her mobile phone to record the full mouth filling, gagging action POV.

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Russian Fetish – Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls + 6 Hands

Russian Fetish - Tickle Torture Of Atlanta By Girls

Tickle torture of Atlanta by girls + 6 hands tickle and double foot torture with her step-sister. This video is about tickling and tormenting the feet of Atlanta and her step-sister Gera. The topless girls are sitting on the couch with their feet tied in front and their hands fixed at the back. I torture their feet with fire, and then I make some hits with a rod and a whip and then use a paddle. After that, they have a long torment with the Wartenberg’s pinwheel. In the end, together with Susanna, we tickle their feet and armpits.

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Jackie Bound – Catsuit Hogtie Member Request

I had a custom request for a catsuit and bare feet. So, I put on my PVC catsuit, sit back, relax, massage my feet, and paint my toenails after a long hard day. Once I am done giving my tired tootsies the treatment they deserve, Johnny obligingly fastens me into a tight hogtie with rope and stuffs my mouth with a big black latex ball gag. As I struggle around in my catsuit hogtie and barefeet, the zipper comes down further and my breasts begin to pop out of my catsuit.

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Russian Fetish – Tickling Adel With Beauty Laugh In Hogtie

Russian Fetish - Tickling Adel With Beauty Laugh In Hogtie

We return to the new model Adel who laughs modestly but beautifully. Now she is hogtied and I’m gonna tickle her gentle feet with my hands and her ticklish sides from time to time. Adel closes her eyes and laughs a lot, having fun. I take a feather and drive along her feet. Now in POV mode, I tickle her oiled soles with my hands and then with a comb.

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Russian Fetish – Live Tickle Session With 20 Yo Model

Russian Fetish - Live Tickle Session With 20 Yo Model

New model Iren tries tickling for the first time in her life. She has no idea what tickling fetish is but she’s curious to know and asks me questions during the process. Who loves tickling? And why people love to tickle? From the start, she’s hogtied and I will tickle her big and tender feet with long toes. I use hand cream and a brush. Sometimes I tickle her sides a bit and she tells about her sensations.

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Russian Fetish – Bad Business For The Detectives

Russian Fetish - Bad Business For The Detectives

Astrid and Olesya are down on the floor legs up already tied together as he ties their dirty feet together. They wriggle with their feet as well as possible. Why so feisty, they mumble something. Ok if you want it that way, he cuts off another thin long string, they start to spread her toes but they are helpless and he ties their big toes together. Now he can tickle their dirty soles without any problem. After a while and as he threatens them to pour some hot wax from a candle over her dirty soles. After some time they give up.

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Paige – Out For Revenge

Ivan refuses to let her go by tightly shackling & strapping down her hands, arms, feet, and long, sinuous legs. See how desperate Paige is to get away from Ivan’s grasp, screaming and squirming uselessly against his iron grip, ropes, and cruel gag!

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Infernal Restraints – Baby’s Box

Infernal Restraints - Baby's Box

Felony is locked in before Cyd starts talking about covering it up. That is when she really starts to lose her shit. To help take her mind off of it he decides to cane her feet. After all, he can’t seal her in as long as he is making her scream and sob. It doesn’t actually help her keep calm, but it is still hot as hell. She can barely choke out the words to tell him how much it means to her. Coming out of her box, Felony looks hopeful, like there might be some kind of rest or reward for her. Not a chance. The tears rolling down her cheeks show that she is finally starting to understand, though.

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