House Of Gord – Seven Bound In Transparent Latex

In response to the very many requests for more wheel torment, we are going to stuff Seven into a device and run her up to speed. It seems like bound women in mouse wheels get a lot of you people going out there. So it is probably just as well that we shot a huge amount of footage for the Number 4 Gord video (Room 237) with Jewell Marceau being pushed to the limits inside this wheel. Big boobed, curvy butt Seven provides an excellent insight into the visual goodies included in that movie.

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Ariel Anderssen – Discomforts Of Home

Ariel Anderssen - Discomforts Of Home

High-strung hottie Ariel Anderssen loses it when she discovers her absent-minded husband has forgotten to bring the bondage bag. But the clever lad does a quick rummage through their vacation rental and discovers some handy kinky substitutes. Clamp clothes hanger, chopsticks, rubber bands, clothespins, zip-ties, clothesline, duct tape, plastic wrap and mousetrap.

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Dan Hawke 79 – Bondage Light & Dark

Dan Hawke 79

This feature offers two women who are quite a study in contrasts. First up is Beth (light). Beth is porcelain blonde who is almost ethereal in her beauty. She is in four scenes starting with a capture scene which features mouse trap pussy lips and crotchrope. Next she suffers through another crotchrope, which is attached through a pulley to her ankle.

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