JP & Yvette – Forced To Trot On Leash Then Hogtied

JP & Yvette - Forced To Trot On Leash Then Hogtied

Yvette is nipple clamped and we are led on leashes in heels around the estate. He’s walking quickly so we are forced to trot in heels and rope, me with a 3 inch ballgag in my mouth and Yvette with a ballgag as well. After our walk our gags are changed, stuffing and vetwrap and then we are hogtied on the cement and struggle in the hot Spanish sun.

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Hard Tied – Fear The Woodsman

Bound to a falling sapling by her huge tits, our sexy big titted mom is helpless. Heavy rocks are tied off and hung from her huge nipples and the back of her legs and calves are severely caned. She cries out in pain but there is no one for miles and miles, there will be no heroic rescue, no one to come and help her.

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Hard Tied – The Cause (Rebel Rhyder)

Rebel Rhyder is the girl next door. Innocent and sweet. At least that’s the way she looks. Once you mention tying her up though she becomes a whole different person. Rebel is treated to some of the finest things we have to offer. A thick red rag and tape gag, tits tied tighter than is comfortable, Suction cups on her nipples, and a reverse prayer tie that will leave her sore for days!

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Hard Tied – Gunning For Beretta

Hard Tied - Gunning For Beretta

How hard can Baretta James cum? Well, to really know we’re going to have to take our time and do things right. It means warming her up first, making sure that she is ready to go. Jack Hammer plays with her pussy while she stands as still as possible in her bondage. Next comes the pain. At first it brings her down from the edge of orgasm, but soon enough it starts to overwhelm her with an eroticism all its own. Having her ass beaten with canes and whips should have her in tears, or at least humiliated. Instead she is so turned on she barely knows what to do. Tags: Ass Caning, Ass Flogging, Ass Whipping, Breast Bondage, Breast Caning, Breast Groping, Caning, Chair Tie, Dildo, Flogging, Foot Torture, Fucking Machine, Hitachi, Nipple Clamps, Rope Bondage, Thigh Caning, Weighted Nipple Clamps.

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Hard Tied – Ravaging Rain (Rain DeGrey)

Hard Tied - Ravaging Rain

Rain always requests the most extreme trip on the menu. This time she wants to feel what it’s like to be manhandled, bound, scared and put under total control. Her adventure begins when I lead her out back of the barn by a the metal cable around her throat. Tags: Ball Gag, Breast Bondage, Crying, Dildo, Drool, Foot Torture, Kicking, Nipple Clamps, Outdoor, Red Ball Gag, Rope Bondage, Tears, Water, Humiliation.

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Hard Tied – Confessions Of A Homewrecker

Confessions Of A Homewrecker

Matt Williams is going to provide Emma Haize with an intense bondage experience, something she is extremely into, and he is going to do it all in one take. Matt got her set up in a rough hogtie. She confessed to some pretty fucked up offenses against her friends. She is a slut and a home wrecker and she needs to be punished with a brutal caning. The bottoms of her feet aren’t used to that much punishment and that makes them easy targets. This is uncut, she only has the time it takes to put her in a new position to recover from the last blows and get ready for the next ones. Tags: Ass Caning, Ball Gag, Blindfold, Breast Bondage, Breast Flogging, Breast Suction, Caning, Chair Tie, Drool, Bastinado, Foot Caning, Hogtie, Nipple Clamps, Red Ball Gag, Rope Bondage, Suspension.

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Hardtied – Marks The Spot (Mia Gold)

X Marks The Spot

In sheer frustration, Mia Gold humps the dildo positioned between her thighs, trying in vain to bury it deeper into her cunt, in hopes it will be enough to flip her switch. Hours later, hogtied and ball gagged on the floor, she fares no better. Ankles and wrists secured behind her with thumbs bound together, she struggles briefly but only manages to tighten the rope around her neck. The sense of helplessness and total loss of control drives Mia wild. Tags: Ball Gag, Bastinado, Begging, Breast Whipping, Celebrator, Chair Tie, Dildo, Endurance Bondage, Eroscillator, Foot Torture, Hitachi, Mouth Stuffing, Neck Rope, Nipple Clamps, Nipple Pinching, Nose Hook, Nose Play, Orgasm Denial, Predicament Bondage, Red Ball Gag, Rope Bondage, Tape Gag, Vaginal Penetration.

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Hard Tied – Corn Cob Cunt (Sophie Ryan)

Hard Tied - Corn Cob Cunt

Master A has really gotten into the vibe at the farm and Sophie Ryan is just along for the ride now. He has access to all kinds of toys, but today he has decided to be as authentic as possible. He wants to make her feel dirtier than a few dildos can so he formulates a new plan. He has a bit of his latest harvest left over that he was just going to toss aside, but instead he decides to just stick it in the trash. Tags: Ass Caning, Caning, Celebrator, Dildo, Drool, Nipple Clamps, Nose Hook, Rope Bondage, Rope Gag.

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Hard Tied – Out Cry (Hailey Young)

Hard Tied - Out Cry

If Hailey had just been content to sit alone in the dark she could have saved herself a lot of pain. All she had to do was stay silent and PD would have attended to her in his own time. But she could not help herself. She called out and complained, and now she needs to be taught a lesson. One with clamps and canes and lots of pain! Tags: Arm Binder, Ass Caning, Ass Hook, Ass Whipping, Bells on Nipples, Bit Gag, Breast Whipping, Caning, Dental Gag, Dildo, Face Slapping, Foot Torture, Full Face Mask, Hood, Humiliation, Leather cuffs, Metal Bondage, Nipple Clamps, Pins Under Nails, Pussy Clamps, Single Tail, Toe Bondage, Whipping.

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Dan Hawke – Bound On Blonde

Dan Hawke - Bound On Blonde

This video opens as Beth is led into the playroom. Cuffing her hands behind a pole, Dan cuts off her clothes with scissors. After putting clothespins all over her body. Dan next applies rope work to the standing Beth as a wooden dowel becomes the base of a triangle that runs to an overhead pulley. As Dan tightens the bar, the dowel rod presses tightly against Beth’s soft pubic mound. Beth struggles against the pressure of the harsh wood grinding against her sex. Beth is then painfully suspended, a crotch rope the only think keeping her legs off of the floor. Beth is then tied to a stool, a thin cord pulling her nipples skyward, and rope again splitting her sex. Last Beth is bound with her legs spread wide. Dan uses a heavy flogger and thick black slapper on the helpless girl.

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Ariel Anderssen, Leotard, Pantyhose, Zipties

More and more zipties are used to immobilize Ariel Anderssen. First, she gets some ziptie face bondage. Then her heels are removed and her big toes are pulled back and ziptied to her waist. Ariel moans through her sponge gag as I tighten up the zipties which are pulling her into the splits. I keep adding and cinching zipties, and soon she is completely secured to the post. I then attach a block and tackle to the one buried in her cunt, and use it to bury it even deeper. I tidy things up a bit, by snipping some of the long ends off, before clamping Ariel’s nipples. Ariel’s moans start getting a little more intense now as I add even more zipties.

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Insex – 912 Pack (22 Videos)

912 is tied to a chair and electric nipple clamps are put on her. She’s gagged with her panties, and another electric toy is shoved up her pussy as her head is put in a plastic bag, causing her to be unable to breathe. She gets shocked until she starts crying. Still tied to the chair her clothes are removed, she’s gagged and her boobs bound, and a sharp toothpick forces her to keep her legs apart. She’s then tied on a wooden horse with her feet weighted by buckets full of stones. She’s made to drink PD’s piss from one of those buckets..

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Insex – Piglet’s Training

Piglet is hogtied on the ground. She’s made to strip herself, and she’s put on a trolley and pulled around. Next she’s tied in a strappado and tight breast bondage is put her boobs while she gets caned. Then a box is put on her head and castration bands are put on her nipples before her boobs are tightly taped up, and weights are hung from her nipples. Then she’s tied in a split, blindfolded and gagged, and gets flogged on her tits. Labia clamps are apart by her toes and she’s fucked by a dildo on a stick while her clit is vibed.

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Power Shotz – Bondage Newbies

Power Shotz - Bondage Newbies

Picture young fresh faced sexy girls with their hands cuffed behind their shapely soft bottoms. Or their legs spread open wide and roped really tied, while their creamy breast hang free with nipples erect just right with a hard ball stuffed in their pretty pie holes, not to mention the girls aren’t wearing any panties. They squirm and squeal in uncompromising positions.

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A Day At The Office

Self-bondage is the only way Justine finds satisfaction – muzzle-gagged and hogtied with her nipples clamped, bound in leather straps; Panty-gagged and cuffed in a kneeling strappado with clothespins on her nipples and bound to a chair wearing nothing but bird clamps, gag and her pantyhose!

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Tortured Slavegirl – Part 1 Of 2

Juliettes hands are tied with a rope behind her back and she gets a gag. Now she has to sit on the table. Her ankles are cuffed with leathercuffs and her head is fixed in the stockage. The nippleplay can starts.

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Insex – Forest

Tyler is again dragged into the forest, chained to logs and trees by the nipples and wrists, vulva flogged and finger-fucked. Bugs and dirt give a charming woodsy feel to Tylers. The poor girl is pulled into the woods with her arms tied tight, elbows touching, wearing a head harness and a pair of jeans shorts.

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Paranormal Peril

Carmen Valentina wakes up slowly discovering that she’s tied to a chair, gagged and completely nude except for her panties, pantyhose and shoes. She struggles when the figure comes up behind her sliding a hand around her throat while his other gloved hand is caressing her breasts, nipples, belly and running his fingertips along her legs and rubbing her pussy.

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Strappado In Handcuffs

AnnaBelle Lee is handcuffed with her hands behind her back. The cuffs are tied with rope to the ceiling which forms a strict strappado. To make things worse she is blindfolded, gagged and has nipple clamps with weights on her tits.

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Nadia Styles Has An Appetite For Suffering

After quite some time away, Nadia Styles is back and ready to go. We waste no time getting her ass tied up and start the punishment. She writhes and grinds her ass into The Pope as soon as the rope touches her slutty body. Nipple clamps are added and this slut just gets more turned on, so the bondage needs to become more intense to accommodate this slut’s appetite for suffering.

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Rick Savage – Extreme Tit Torment 7 Kaylee 2

In our next scene, we find our crimson tressed submissive flat on the floor and tied to a chair with abrasive ropes pulled tightly across her swollen pussy lips. Master Savage proceeds to punish her pain-ridden nipples and tormented twat with an electric medical device. Finally, Kaylee is completely nude and blindfolded as the sadistic Master Rick splashes her scarred breasts with boiling candle wax.

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Jay Edwards – Total Submission

Nude, except for black 5″ pumps, curvaceous Tory is bound to a post with a thick beam between her thighs. One leg is frog-tied, a harness ballgag frames her face, and strict ropework encircles her breasts. Jay Edwards clamps her nipples and ties her other leg up to the cross-beam, her weight now supported by her most delicate flesh.

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Punished Girl Next Door

On her nipples are nipple clamps attached and her hands are tied behind her back in a leathered arm binder. A guy comes in and Juliette awakes. She begs him to let her go, but he can’t understand what she says because her mouth is stuffed with the harness gag.

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Amateur Bound – Girls In Trouble

Amateur Bound - Girls In Trouble

Anna evans is a tall blonde babe that has a body that rocks! She is whipped with a riding crop and then tied to a chair where she is groped and given a tight tit tie that makes her think her boobs are going to pop. As a final lesson in pain she is nipple clamped and then compelled to lean over the chair for a hard spanking.

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Fabienne – Fer Rouge

Fabienne - Fer Rouge

The toughest French BDSM for lovers of physical pain and real application of stigma. Mistress slave injected into the labia and nipples needles from syringes, makes an excellent deep anal and vaginal fisting. Tied to a bench with a whip and whips cane. Coals in the fireplace heats a metal stamp is then delivered to a man and a slave on live imprinted on the shoulder hot metal letters JC.

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