Belt Bound – Armbinder And Nose Hook Harness Gag

Lucy Lauren is a drooler! She can’t help drooling as soon as she has been gagged. But this gag is even more drooly, because of the holes in the ball. And that’s not all: it has a built-in nose hook! Lucy didn’t think it was very funny, but we strapped her in an armbinder so she couldn’t do anything about this strange gag. We also nipple clamped her, another thing she hates! Lucy tried struggling wildly, but that hurt her nipples more, and it made her drool uncontrollably!

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Sydney Hale Bound Video Collection 3

My master wanted to try out a new toy since the first time it wasn’t tied tight enough. The new nose hook made an appearance and was attached up to my gag, it pulled against the skin on the inside of my nose, it hurt. I was so embarrassed about my nose being open like that. I naturally started snorting like a little pig.

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Infernal Restraints – For Bondage’s Sake Part 2 (Calico Lane)

In part 2 of For Bondage’s sake, Calico’s suffering continues. Kneeling, blindfolded and gagged with a headgear that affixes her head to a post, Calico Lane is a mute lump of flesh for us to work over. The cane, vibrator and whip all make an appearance. Red welts quickly form stripes across her pale flesh, as the blindfold prevents her from anticipating the next blow! The vibrator elicits moans from beneath her strict gag as she squirms helplessly. Once we have tired of this position, we shift her to a standing pose. An ass hook lodged deeply inside her, vicious nipple clamps and nose hook serve to remind her of her place. All of this exposed flesh makes for perfect target practice and we whip away at our leisure, watching as she gets pushed closer and closer to the edge.

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Electro Torture Chamber

Japanese Slave Serizawa Tsumugi – Electro Torture Chamber. Genres: BDSM, bondage, rope suspension, nose hook, corporal punishment, torture with electricity, extreme torture, sex toys.

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Nawate Basket Of Torture

Japanese bondage and torture scenes compilation featuring young slaves Yuduki Hikaru, Miyazaki Shiho, Yoshino Hitomi or Asakura Shima. Genres: BDSM, bondage, rope suspension, corporal punishment, wax torture, nose hook, shibari bondage, sex toys.

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Slave Market Woman

Japanese model Yu Kawakami in the extreme torture and bondage movie. Genres: BDSM, bondage, rope suspension, humiliation, wax torture, nose hook, shibari bondage.

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Insex – Kunt Log Pt 2 (Piglet)

Shoot starts off with Piglet suspended by her neck bondage, standing on her tiptoes. She is then tied kneeling, naked, and fed with water. Her boobs are tied in incredibly tight and tough bondage, and clamps pull her pussy apart while PD canes her feet, before finally vibing her clit her to cum. Next she’s tied standing up and tortured with nettles. Apparently those cause a painful skin reaction. Next she’s hogtied with a nose hook and tortured with a cattle prod.

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Infernal Restraints – Milf Tears (Simone Sonay)

Simone Sonay is a busty, fit and toned MILF that loves the dick. Bound on a wooden bondage device that keeps her legs spread wide, we cut off her panties to see what we are working with. Simone gets pogoed and vibrated just enough to give her an edge. She will need all she can get for what we are about to put her through. Shifting her into stocks, Simone is completely immobilized. Her hands are stuck in our custom made metal hand cans, her legs are bound by metal pipes. We add a stocking hood and a extra large ring gag. Simone is finally starting to grasp what true bondage is. Nipple clamps and a nose hook reiterate her total helplessness.

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Hardtied – Marks The Spot (Mia Gold)

X Marks The Spot

In sheer frustration, Mia Gold humps the dildo positioned between her thighs, trying in vain to bury it deeper into her cunt, in hopes it will be enough to flip her switch. Hours later, hogtied and ball gagged on the floor, she fares no better. Ankles and wrists secured behind her with thumbs bound together, she struggles briefly but only manages to tighten the rope around her neck. The sense of helplessness and total loss of control drives Mia wild. Tags: Ball Gag, Bastinado, Begging, Breast Whipping, Celebrator, Chair Tie, Dildo, Endurance Bondage, Eroscillator, Foot Torture, Hitachi, Mouth Stuffing, Neck Rope, Nipple Clamps, Nipple Pinching, Nose Hook, Nose Play, Orgasm Denial, Predicament Bondage, Red Ball Gag, Rope Bondage, Tape Gag, Vaginal Penetration.

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Hard Tied – Corn Cob Cunt (Sophie Ryan)

Hard Tied - Corn Cob Cunt

Master A has really gotten into the vibe at the farm and Sophie Ryan is just along for the ride now. He has access to all kinds of toys, but today he has decided to be as authentic as possible. He wants to make her feel dirtier than a few dildos can so he formulates a new plan. He has a bit of his latest harvest left over that he was just going to toss aside, but instead he decides to just stick it in the trash. Tags: Ass Caning, Caning, Celebrator, Dildo, Drool, Nipple Clamps, Nose Hook, Rope Bondage, Rope Gag.

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Infernal Restraints – Trials Of A Tease

Infernal Restraints - Trials Of A Tease

Bronte spends her entire life being a cock-tease to the men around her. That kind of behavior is unacceptable when she is with PD, though. He is going to get revenge for every guy that she has manipulated with her looks. Tags: Ass Caning, Ass Hook, Ball Gag, Blindfold, Calf Caning, Choking, Dildo, Face Bondage, Metal Bondage, Nipple Clamps, Nose Hook, Orgasm, Pogo, Pussy Fondling, Shackles, Single Tail, Spanking, Squirt, Squirting, Squirting Orgasm, Vibrator, Whipping.

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Julie Simone – Bound Anal Invasions

Julie Simone - Bound Anal Invasions

Bondage legend Julie Simone as you’ve never seen her! The curvy redhead is attacked and choked out by a stranger who breaks into her home. She wakes up and is stripped down, locked in and anally penetrated in a variety of super challenging positions including hogties, device bondage, nose hooks, metal gags and head harnesses that disfigure her beautiful face.

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ShadowPlayers – Naked Slavegirls Punished

ShadowPlayers - Naked Slavegirls Punished DVD

Sybil, Dawn and Lillith are naughty slavegirls who must be made to endure every whim that their demanding master has! Of course, the only proper way for his point to be made is if the girls are as naked as the day they were born. Sybil’s endurance is stretched to the limit in three ways. First, she must choose between standing on her toes for an agonizing time or get relief only to have her nipples clamped while her bottom is paddled. Next, she must crawl on the floor to move padlocks from place to place using only a hook through the ring of her nose. Failure to finish on time results in more paddling. Finally, she is bound to a cross and given a strong lashing on her lush breasts and smooth shaven pussy.

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Shadowplayers – Ponygirl Rodeo

Kitten is an adorable 19 year old cosplay fan who loves to dress up. Here she gets to play ponygirl and run through the woods pulling a wagon. She is harnessed up and fitted with bells on her nipples and a steel but plug ponytail. Sybil Hawthorne has a more intense training. She also wears a steel butt plug ponyail, but her harness includes a big nose ring and hooks in the corners of her mouth attached to reins. She has heavy bells attached to her nipples by strong clover clamps and a strap pulled tightly through her shaved pussy. She tows a cart and is then given a good outdoor flogging.

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Greyhound In The Humiliation Box

Bound and secured in the small box, Rachel Greyhound gets her worthless pussy stuffed with a large inflatable dildo, has her face written on, get hooks put in her nose and mouth, and with no way out of the box she is left completely helpless.

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