Borderland Bound – Dangerous Thrills

Borderland Bound - Dangerous Thrills

Pandora & Skylar in: Dangerous Thrills: “Break in While We Are Out, Then Take Us By Surprise During the Evening & Truss Us Up in Skylar’s Bedroom! Skylar breathes heavily into his palm and grinds against him with her tight little arse as he sets about binding and gagging her. Impossible to know if she’s purring behind that hardcore handgagging… This is IT. He’s got her. What a turn on!

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Borderland Bound – Uniformed Beauties Struggle

AESP - Final Exam

Anissa, Pandora, Kourtney, Kellie & Sally in: With Gags Tied Tightly Between Their Teeth, Uniformed Beauties Struggle Desperately For Release! Our main headliner is the ravishing Pandora detained in her office, but we have some special treats for you here, including a bonus Kellie and Sally sequence featuring never-before-seen cleave gag action and the complete cleave gaggings from a previous tape bondage release.

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Ariel’s Sponsored Caning

Naked and bent over the bed, Ariel (known in the spanking scene as Amelia Jane Rutherford) takes a really hard caning from Pandora Blake. Twenty five cane strokes straight from cold, on the bare bottom. Ariel squirms and squeals and holds her breath, braving the pain with with stoicism, defiance and a fair bit of giggling.

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