Captive Chrissy Marie – Ultragirl Ambushed

Captive Chrissy Marie - Ultragirl Ambushed

Later Ultragirl wakes up in her empty tub. Her power belt is draped over the side of the tub, in view but out of reach in bound predicament. Her wrists and elbows are pinned together behind her back and she is in a tight hogtie. She protests defiantly to the villain until he decides to ballgag her. He then re-starts the water which begins to fill up the tub. Ultragirl struggles desperately and continues to protest defiantly as the water slowly gets higher and higher. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, nylons, pantyhose, knee high boots, costumes, superheroines, damsel in distress, foot fetish, knocked out, groping, lift & carry, bound, hogtied, ballgagged, bathtub, water bondage.

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H2O Bondage Gems Video Collection 1

H2O Bondage Gems Video Collection 1 – Casey Calvert finds herself on the bottom with 4 feet of water above her. A long chain is draped around her tiny body to keep her down and her hands get handcuffed to her ankles. The perfect pool pet struggles to get herself to the top, but there is absolutely no point in the struggle she soon learns!

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Psycho Thrillers – Scream Extreme

Psycho Thrillers - Scream Extreme

Jesse plays a school girl who gets kidnapped as she walks home from school one a routine day in the country side. An area not prone to violence and where everyone knows their neighbors, people will be shocked will the body of a young girl will be found on a tire swing only a few blocks from where she lives. The girl was rendered unconscious with a strong, relentless hand strangulation then taken from the scene of the crime to a remote area where she was tied up, terrorized with a knife and then brutally raped.

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