Harmony Concepts – The Ladytrap

Heiress Sadie Belle is kidnapped from her bed by a mysterious intruder, spirited away and held for ransom. The police find all the other women in the house bound and gagged, but was one of them secretly behind the abduction? Detective Alexis Taylor interrogates the beautiful suspects, but before she can solve this mystery, all seven women are tied and gagged when the heiress’ stately mansion becomes…”The Ladytrap.” Starring: Sadie Belle, Alexis Taylor, Catalina L’Amour, Angelique Lei, Sabrina Stone, Linda Friday and Lorelei.

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Harmony Concepts – Banners Angels

Harmony Concepts - Banners Angels DVD

Bondage vignettes of beautiful women relieved of their blouses and skirts. Stacy Burke is a naive applicant for a job opening at Jack Banner, Inc. The application test involves lots of intense ropework, mouth-filling gags, and a Drooling Test. In a second story line, Andrea Neal is a work-at-home executive. She and her best friend Jewell Marceau are roughly bound, until Andrea spills her computer pass code worth millions. Girl-next-door Hollywood stars in story three. She has just moved next door to Jack Banner and is already a big fan of his, owning all his Harmony videos. She begs him to tie her up, fulfilling her secret fantasies. Starring: Stacy Burke, Andrea Neal, Jewell Marceau, Jeanne Basone, Sabrina Stone.

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Harmony Concepts – Frisky Business

Rising star Sadie Belle is rudely grabbed, tied on screen, then tightly retied six times. She is mistaken for one of Jack’s submissives, but her packed mouth prevents her from explaining. Next, luscious Hollywood is auditioning for a bondage-themed movie. She endures six tight tie-ups in order to get the part. In two slightly shorter storylines, Talia Monet is “The Gag Tester,” a professional gag tester who doesn’t “do bondage”…at least until Jack gets to her. Miss Sabrina Stone loses a bet and gets a makeover and four taut rope jobs. Last are vignettes from Eve Ellis, Hollywood and a rare appearance by Kendra Summers. Featured are onscreen ties, topless bondage, toe ties, stocking feet, tons of tightly bound elbows, handcuffs, custom gags, tight bras, pantyhose and very sexy street clothes.

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Anton Productions – White Slave Detective

Anton Productions - White Slave Detective

Four friends – Darby, Nina Neon, Sabrina Stone, and Andrea are kidnapped, bound, and gagged and packed into a van by white slavers. When detective Stacy Burke comes looking for her friends, she too ends up bound and gagged. While the other girls are tied in several tight situations, Stacy is bound standing on a chair with a noose around her neck and later is tied up next to a ticking time bomb!

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