Infernal Restraints – Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Grave (Scarlett Mae)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Grave says little more than “Don’t get into trucks with strange men!”. For those poor souls like Scarlett Mae who don’t listen it should really be noted that you were warned. For Scarlett the consequences are painful. Scarlett finds herself chained in the back of his truck being driven around some back road. It all goes down hill from there. Once he gets her back to his land she’s got nowhere to run. She’s chained to a tree, strung up by her neck, and left to wallow. The loss of freedom is hard enough to bare, but the manner in which she is treated leaves a lot to be desired. Each position brings a new torment. Whips, invasion of her cunt and anus, gags, being fondled, and being sprayed with a hose. She should have listened!

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Close-Up Concepts – The Seduction Of Scarlett

Lovely Jewell Marceau again stars as slave “Scarlett.” Bryan Davies carries her bound body over his shoulder and gently sets her down for some sexy fondling. The bondages are tough and demanding, but Scarlett must obey and she does. By evening, the once protesting prisoner has been transformed into a purring pet, even in a difficult hogtie that pulls her hair back to her feet!

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Borderland Bound – Hot Treasure Seekers Beaten

Borderland Bound - Hot Treasure Seekers Beaten

Borderland Bound – Miss Scarlett & Ali in: Hot Treasure Seekers Beaten to the Finish & Unable to do a Damned Thing About it! Oh these gags will thrill you. You like them massive. You like them skin tight. We get them on that way for you and in the process push yet more gorgeous young women to their oral/facial limits!

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Borderland Bound – Raging Amazon Wrestlers

Borderland Bound - Raging Amazon Wrestlers

Borderland Bound – Miss Scarlett & Dominique in: Raging Amazon Wrestlers Trussed Up Hard & Tucked Away ’til it’s Time To Move Them Out! Hard, athletic women, hard gagged. Roped like slabs of muscular meat, humiliated, felt up, prepared for a good old fashioned ‘napping in the back of a van.

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