Naughty Ties Videos Part 17

Dre has been bound and gagged for hours and her desperate whimpers are absolutely gut wrenching as she squirms on the floor! But by far the worst thing is her captor still has not said a word and as he now hogties the pretty blonde he continues with his creepy way of silence even as he gropes and touches her helpless body and she is about to lose her mind if the bastard doesn’t tell her why this is happening!

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Devonshire Production – BDV-35 – The Tease

A surpassingly-sultry brunette, named Tory, dressed in provocatively-tight white miniskirt, hose, garters and high-heels experiences a delectable transformation from aggressive tease to helpless bound beauty. Tory is introduced to ultra-tight bondage, a collection of mouth-filling gags, elbows-together ties along with taut breast bondage, crotch ropes, nipple clamps and a couple of strict ties.

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Anton Productions – Sexy Bondage 9

Sexy Bondage 9

Gorgeous blond Angie is a private detective who gets more than she bargained for when she investigates a gangster. Angie, looking totally hot in black leather pants and tight top, sneaks into the home of a known criminal. The guy captures her and Angie finds herself tightly bound in the guys bedroom. He packs her mouth with cloth and wraps shiny tape around her head. Left alone, Angie struggles and, now barefoot, she hops around trying to free herself.

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