Harmony Concepts Video Collection 4

Harmony Concepts Video Collection 4. Starring: Jewell Marceau, Stacy Burke, Whitney Prescott, Eve Ellis, Ash Hollywood, Kendra Summers, Talia Monet, Sadie Belle, Andrea Neal, Susan Blair, Loren Chance, Kelly Ashton, Judith Wilson, Teri Martine, Sally Roberts, Darby Daniels, Summer Cummings, Jeanne Basone, Cassandra Knight, Cleo Nicole, Anastasia Pierce, Jenni Lee, Lydia McLane, Liz Tyler, Deja Chan, Julie Simone.

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Arrow Films – Trouble With Tikis & Tied In Time

Arrow Films - Trouble With Tikis & Tied In Time

It’s an amazing Arrow double-feature! In THE TROUBLE WITH TIKIS, Sally Roberts and Judith Wilson wind up bound and gagged repeatedly because of a magical, wish-granting tiki idol that Judith has just bought. Story Two, TIED IN TIME, is a bit of a psychological thriller in which Sally, Judith and Teri Martine are all involved. This story is a bit tougher than Arrow’s previous works but all the ladies come through like champs!

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