Tori Sinclair – Bondage Interview

Tori Sinclair - Bondage Interview

This exciting bondage movie starts with an interview of the legendary bondage actress Tori Sinclair where she answers some questions about bondage. Then, her peril begins. First, Tori is handgagged by dastardly Dick and is left naked on the floor, bound with her own string bikini and gagged with cloth between her teeth. She looks extremely sexy as she squirms and struggles desperately on the floor!

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Bound Honeys – Forest Of Terror (Jasmine Sinclair)

Bound Honeys - Forest Of Terror (Jasmine Sinclair)

Bound Honeys Exclusive – Rushing to get home, Jasmine Sinclair took a route through the forest. She knew what they said, but surely the stories of the old man in the woods were just that…stories? Jasmine breathed in the pure, fresh air as she strolled briskly between the trees, completely unaware of the fate that was to become her. Then suddenly, she saw him…

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