Harmony Concepts – Trouble In Store

Harmony Concepts - Trouble In Store

Buxom Cleo Nichole has just inherited an erotic book store, but her mean uncle is contesting the will — with the intent of putting the store out of business! Cleo retains lawyer Gigi Varga to help her keep the inheritance, but the bondage-curious counselor can’t help but indulge in a hogtied fantasy as she listens to her worried client’s story.

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S.B.I. III – Return To The House Of Gord

The bondage never stops at the House of Gord! After a clever escape from a life of bondage and torment, Celia appears to have disappeared into the sunset. Or has she? What dastardly fate does Gord have in store for this troublesome minx? All will be revealed in this, the third and final chapter in the S.B.I. Trilogy. Keywords: catsuits, corsets, exercise, foam bondage, gags, high heels, hoods, leather, mummification, orgasm, penetration, predicament, punishment, remote control, suspension, slave training, Lady Serena, Lydia McLane, Jewell Marceau.

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