Vika’s Bondage Therapy

Vika's Bondage Therapy

This girl is a little more difficult than the last couple he lured into his trap. She seems tighter and is resisting much more. Master Matt finishes with a hog tie and lets Vika squirm. She says that it is not really working and that she would like to leave and could he please untie her, but he when he doesn’t listen she really starts to panic and get loud! Matt has some other business to attend to so before he leaves he tapes her mouth shut so she can not call for help. He leaves her to struggle and lets her know that he will be back to have some more fun. Keywords: Vika, bound woman, hogtied woman, duct tape gag, gagging, blonde in bondage, humiliation of woman, topless, tied up, struggling woman, rope bondage, damsel in distress.

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CruxDreams – Master And Two Slaves

An evil potato planter Alex crucifies young slave Vika and whips her with his whip. After enjoying her young body, the tyrant Alex crucifies another young slave girl Julia. Now Vika was not bored hanging on the cross alone! Then he disappears for a long time presumably to drink beer so the girls must wait on their crosses until he returns.

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