DungeonCorp – Wenona Slave

After years of shooting Wenona, I know one thing is for certain… every Master needs a Wenona. She’s tough, she’s sexy, she has a will to endure and a will to cum. Feenix uses rope to keep her body stressed at all times – spread, crotchroped, bent over and suspended. When Wenona finds comfort, Feenix takes it away.

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Dan Hawke – The Wenona Files

Dan Hawke - The Wenona Files

Who is the real Dan Hawke? A fluffy teddy bear – or a cruel sadist. Take a peak under the hood with Dan as your guide. He tells you where his dark fantasies began and walks you through six exciting scenes with fan favorite Wenona and your narrator is much less and much more than the lovable bondage producer you know.

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Bondage Barrix – Sgt. Major’s Bondage Classics Part 5

Bondage superstar Claire Adams likes to get punched in the ass and chest until she has screaming orgasms. Alyssa Loren is tightly bound and played with in the Sarge’s parlor, hogtied on a marble coffee table she becomes a bondage centerpiece. Last, Wenona is taken in her shower and squirms helplessly waiting her fate.

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Bondage Barrix – Punished! Poolside

Another hot sexy insex model is put to the test by the Sgt major. Wenona is overpowered poolside and made into a fuck toy for every bondage-loving pervert to see. Crotch ropes, clamps and heavy torment are in store for this flawless cocktease!

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Hogtied For The Afternoon

Wenona thought she was going jogging but her neglected boyfriend had other ideas for his sexy as hell partner and before she knew what was happening he had her hogtied on the bedroom floor where she’ll spend the rest of the afternoon!

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Medical Bound Enema Training Vol. 2

Bondage Designs – When Wenona answers an ad in the local newspaper to take part in a paid government study, she goes to the interview excited. Dr. Gina explains that although this study pays well, she should be aware that through the course of her stay at The Bondage Clinic, she will be constantly restrained, given enemas and butt plugs to determine their effects on her behavior.

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Amateur Bound – Bondage Pets

Amateur Bound - Bondage Pets

Six beautiful girls stripped, tied, humiliated and punished into servitude as pets for a cruel and demanding master. Watch as they are transformed into obedient slaves performing for your entertainment. Starring: Allanah Rhodes, Loren Chance, Addie Juniper, Tracy Jordan and Wenona.

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Realtime Bondage – Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Normally we leave the electrical stimulation for later but for a veteran with as much experience in the bondage world as Wenona we can make an exception. We hook the electrodes to her tits after a short Q and A and it’s only a few seconds before the pain is showing on her face. Sobs, tears, and screams all come right out!

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