Whipped Women – Extra Severe Ass

After her ass and back whipping now Mrs. Sanders has to endure a very severe frontside bullwhipping! Nothing is spared, especially not her pussy. You will see extreme hard lashes of the bullwhip right between her legs. The clit and lips get swollen in pain!

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Whipped Women – German Sadism

Here the SS colonel uses a poor German girl just for fun, making her a devoted play-horse. Waltraud receives a lot severe lashes with his riding crop and a singletail, her cries doesn’t help her anyway. The only way to avoid even more strokes and pain is to obey. But it seems this punishment will never end.

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Erotic Horror – The Mark Of The Whip

Erotic Horror - The Mark Of The Whip
Studio: Teraz Fims

See beautiful women..stripped naked…and whipped mercilessly…again..and again…until they cum!! This is the first film of its kind! Never before have actresses allowed themselves to be stripped naked and mercylessly whipped for their art. “…the huge bullwhip strikes at her naked, sweat soaked body, wrapping itself around her stomach like a venomous snake. The stinging pain shoots through her. She can hardly catch her breath before she feels the next strike.

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