Insex – Tri-Hanging Canagirls

Insex - Tri-Hanging Canagirls

Fresh, innocent, unsure, they fidget nervously before the cameras, answering his questions guardedly. You have to wonder whats going through their heads as he begins to wrap the ropes expertly around their young naked skin. Are their panties wet with arousal when they feel his bondage embrace their limbs?

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Borderland Bound – The Spectacular Girl Detective Takedown Caper!

Borderland Bound - The Spectacular Girl Detective Takedown Caper!

Olivia & Lucy in: The Spectacular Girl Detective Takedown Caper! Stunningly wonderful girl detectives (with rather big boobs) agents Berzinc and Summers are hot on the trail of demented girl taker, Thaddeus Ocelot. Included in this story: On Screen Bondage, Rope Bondage, Damsel in Distress, Mouth Stuffing, Mouth Packing, Cleave Gags, Cleave Gags, Wraparound Tape Gags, Gag Talk, Struggling, Barefoot, Foot Fetish, Blonde, Brunette, Exotic Damsel, Big Tits, Big Boobs, Titty Squeezing.

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Milfs Sandra Silvers & Caroline Pierce – Captured Camgirls!

Waiting for a generous patron or two to come online, curvy corseted camgirls Caroline Pierce and Sandra Silvers, tease the screen, wondering what tonight will have in store for them, request wise they never knew what they might be asked to do next, which kept them in a state of excitement! Soon the sultry sexy lesbians are in full swing, silk scarves have been gathered and Sandra is tied up by her playmate and receiving a wanding! Interrupted! An intruder scares the shocked stunners as he bursts into the room, helpless, as he cinches Caroline’s wrists together tightly, she can’t quite believe this isn’t a set up and so her struggles are minimal… Until it’s too late and now neither of the MILFs can break free of their bonds!

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Graias – Hope Part 4

Pretty slave girl Hope is lying on her back, trying to keep her legs spread wide. Her burning butts and poor pussy is fully exposed. The crop is in Dr. Lomp’s hand. Slave girl Hope is counting every crop stroke hits on her pussy while she is trying to hide her loud screams. She is caned extremely hard till Mr. Lomp noticed some blood on her poor pussy. This is menstruation blood and such imprudence cannot be passed without any punishment: painful clamps on her bloody pussy. Then a wonderful final, prepared by Dr. Lomp: electroshock exactly on her tightly clamped clit.

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Ogres World Bondage Collection

You! Yeah, you! Sitting there in your computer chair, wondering what to do with your evening. Well why not check out a real bondage loving guy doing some real bondage to real bondage loving girls??! What could be better for you, Mr. Bondage Enthusiast, than watching these girls struggle in rope? Tape? You got it! Pantyhose encasements?! We can do that, too! You want crazy photographs or wild scenarios or rope bondage escape challenges? We got all of that stuff in here, bucko. Cast: Fayth on Fire, Julie Simone, Megan Jones, Pepper Sterling, Priscilla Pincushion, Reza Blade.

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Infernal Restraints – Make Her Scream

The first porn Lea Hart discovered was Insex, the best in the business, and she has been dreaming of us ever since. She used to idly wonder if the girls in the videos were acting, if they were as distressed as they looked or just playing it up for the camera. Now she knows the truth. It doesn’t matter how much she loves BDSM, it doesn’t matter how good it feels, Matt is going to make her scream.

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