Yvette Costeau – The Great Escape

For over 10 years now, Yvette Costeau has been the main model at German bondage conventions. Yvette is always used to hand out flyers to the public, often in tight rope bondage and gagged. But since I gave her the chastity belt when we were on holiday in Spain, her handler really only wants to keep her in chastity during all conventions, because it gets much more attention than rope bondage. This convention, her handler really went very far. He cuffed her hands and elbows behind her back and made her go around the convention to distribute flyers to the unsuspecting crowd.

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JP & Yvette – Forced To Trot On Leash Then Hogtied

JP & Yvette - Forced To Trot On Leash Then Hogtied

Yvette is nipple clamped and we are led on leashes in heels around the estate. He’s walking quickly so we are forced to trot in heels and rope, me with a 3 inch ballgag in my mouth and Yvette with a ballgag as well. After our walk our gags are changed, stuffing and vetwrap and then we are hogtied on the cement and struggle in the hot Spanish sun.

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Belted Holiday – Bondage Shoot

For these three German bondage models, the trip to Spain wasn’t really a holiday of course. I managed to keep Yvette Costeau, Lena King, and Raven C in their belts for a good amount of time! Raven was even getting used to it, and Yvette and Lena were walking around like they were born in chastity belts! The relaxing was over, the girls had to work! They were tied up with their hands over their heads, their legs tied, and gagged with big red ballgags. The photographers flocked in to take their shots, they loved the belts, and the way they looked in the hot Spanish sun!

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