She Was Married To The Devil

The woman comes back with a hand full of rope. The Nun (Shelly Dare) ask what that was for. She tells her that she is going to find out just how Kinky of a Nun you are. The Nun says anything to get you to join my Cult I mean Worship center. The woman just laughs as she starts to tie her up. About that time the woman’s husband does come home. Now here she is tied up and exposed. He enters the room and The Nun is in shock. The woman is married to the Devil his self! He grabs the Nun and man handles her to the table. She shakes in fear for what he will do to her. After tying her on the table he leaves. The woman feeling bad comes back to release the Nun when she is caught. He tells her to leave her there. Scared the woman gets up and runs off fearing she will be punished for what she was doing.

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