Steelwerks Meets Rachel Greyhound

This is an unusual video shot during the Folsom Fair week of 2017. Each year thousands of people come to San Francisco and we have people who visit the SeriousBondage Institute because they are in town. This year we honored to have the popular chastity manufacturer Chris from SteelWerks Extreme in Canada, and Rachel Greyhound from the popular website BondageLife. Chris is known for his unique chastity devices for men, but he is also experimenting with manufacturing metal hardware for females. This year Chris had brought some female gear with him, and with the assistance of Rachel Greyhound we were able to see some of this prototype gear installed on a real woman! During the video, Chris demonstrates his Jaw-to-Nose Spreader, Labia Clamp and Pussy Rocket. If you’re wondering what this gear is all about, you will need to watch this video!

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