Stewardess Goat Rope Horror

I’m getting dressed in my bedroom putting on my stiletto high heels and finally my stewardess uniform. As I open the door to leave a big bald man pushes me back into the house and with one hand on my neck he forces me up against the wall slowly choking me out. I kick and struggle but the room goes black as I slowly slide down the wall. I wake up and stand when he demands that I strip off my uniform or he will blow me away. I peel off my uniform and stand there in my lingerie when he says he will have to tie me up so I don’t call for help. He begins to bind my arms together welding my elbows together with his rope. He wraps a cloth through my teeth in a tight cleave gag and continues to add more rope. Finally I am bound on the floor and he leaves the room. I frantically struggle to reach the front door inch by inch looking over my shoulder the entire time. I sob as I make no progress and I hear his footsteps returning. I scream through my gag. He carries me back to the couch and lays my bound body over his lap adding a tight neck rope. I shudder and cry when he pushes me down to the floor and attaches the neck rope to my bound ankles finishing the bondage in a tight goat rope.

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