Suffering The Wrath Of The Asian Mob Moll

I’m relaxing in my backyard after a long day. Suddenly I feel a hand over my mouth pressing down with a wet rag. I recognize the voice of my rival – the Asian mob moll Nyssa Nevers! I wake up with my elbows cruelly crushed together behind my back and Nyssa busy binding my ankles tightly and I am totally hogtied and ballgagged. Nyssa taunts me and tells me she is here to get rid of me forever. I watch as she climbs into the pool and tells me I will soon be “swimming with the fishes”. I struggle to roll my bound body away from her and I try to fight, but I am so tightly tied that my attempts are futile. I know I will be unable to swim or hold my breath on the bottom of the pool very, very soon and I am scared out of my mind. The beautiful big tit Asian laughs at me as she puts her arms around me and forces me into the pool hogtied and gagged. The water quickly enters my lungs and I can’t move my arms and legs.

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