Tandem Slave Beating

Slave Emma from Paintoy is never short on ideas in the sick and cruel torture department but when her breast bondage implements didn’t work on slave Abigail, she found herself in a predicament of her own. Two slaves are whipped and caned.

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Paintoy – Mina In The Chair (Mina K)

A young woman is strapped to the chair and whipped in special places, including a nice use of the crop on her cunt. The welts and bruises that come from our spanking, whipping, paddling and other torments are all real, as our the tears and screams they draw from our Paintoys.

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Paintoy – Gets More Pain

Paintoy - Gets More Pain

Lovely Rita is still bent over, her bottom is a bruised mess, but she still presents her punished ass for further torture. Her pain is our pleasure, the only pleasure that matters!

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Sandra Silvers – Neck Breaker Hogtie

Sandra Silvers - Neck Breaker Hogtie

Buxom MILF Sandra Silvers endures being put in a neck breaker hogtie. Her ankles are cinched and pulled up to her bound elbows. Then some strict lengths around her chest. Her knees ache with the pressure. Her gag is quickly replaced with several cruel coils of rope around her head and between her teeth, pulling at her cheeks and wedging her head back. The strict silencer is then tethered to her elbows. Her neck strains from the pressure as drool sneaks out of her pried open mouth.

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The torture and humiliation is grueling from the first scene all the way to the very last second of the shoot!

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