Captive Chrissy Marie – The Case Of A Missing Woman

Captive Chrissy Marie - The Case Of A Missing Woman

Mr. Oak walks over to Chrissy. He holds out a mask that he has dosed. He tells Chrissy that she cannot be trusted and that he’s sorry but she’s going to need to take another nap. He can’t have her escaping again. Mr. Oak places the mask over Chrissy’s face and she mmmmppphhs into her tape gag as the mask slowly does its work. She struggles and tries to fight the coming rest but her attempts are all in vain.

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Anton Productions – White Slave Detective

Anton Productions - White Slave Detective

Four friends – Darby, Nina Neon, Sabrina Stone, and Andrea are kidnapped, bound, and gagged and packed into a van by white slavers. When detective Stacy Burke comes looking for her friends, she too ends up bound and gagged. While the other girls are tied in several tight situations, Stacy is bound standing on a chair with a noose around her neck and later is tied up next to a ticking time bomb!

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Anton Productions – Busty And Bound

Anton Productions - Busty And Bound

We are extremely excited about this hot bondage video by the great ropemaster Jack Banner. In addition to excellent camera work and editing, Jacks high quality videos feature hot girls in tight clothes and tight bondage (lots of on screen tying!). This video features 4 very popular fetish pornstars – Ash Hollywood, Eve Ellis, Jewell Marceau and Amber Michaels.

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Anton Productions – Alicia’s Bondage Peril

Anton Productions - Alicia's Bondage Peril

The escaped criminal unties Alicia and removes her gag. He then ties her up again, this time with hands over head. He gags her with duct tape and uses his scissors to cut off her slip, leaving her in nothing but a bra and white lace panties. Once he is bored with watching her writhe around helplessly, he smothers her with a chloroform soaked rag until her eyes go blank and she is knocked unconscious. Alicia Silver wakes up cleave gagged, tied to the bed and terrified.

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Jewell’s Favorite Abductors – The Doctor

Jewell's Favorite Abductors - The Doctor

Abducted and then chloroformed, Jewell hasn’t got a chance from escaping the strong hold of this bad guy better known as “The Doctor.” Jewell Marceau is bound to a chair, clothes ripped open, and then spanked mercilessly, Jewell & her badly bruised bottom become quickly agreeable to her intruders requests.

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Best Bound – Nursing A Grudge

Nursing A Grudge

Sexy nurse Aiysis is returning to her hotel room unaware Dan is waiting inside. As she primps before a mirror Dan comes up from behind and chloroforms her. He gags her and hogties her on the bed. Ripping of her nurse outfit he samples her charms before throwing her naked into the shower for some cleaning.

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Erotic Distress – Bondage Girls

Erotic Distress - Bondage Girls

Four tales of bondage from gorgeous girls awaits you! Kate Mandala: Kate plays a police profiler who is investigating a bondage freak. When she has herself bound and gagged to better understand her quarry, she discovers she might like bondage a bit too much…

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