B&D Pleasures – Jewell Marceau Bondage Legend

Jewell Marceau Bondage Legend DVD

Confined within this collection are Jewell Marceau’s favorite fetish scenes ever lensed for B and D Pleasures! They include: her first turns as a dom; Self-bondage scenes; and many scenes with other industry hotties such as Mika Tan, Persephone, Talia Monet, Ashley Renee and many more! Combine all this with her extensive commentary detailing what she was thinking and feeling at the moment of contact, and you have unparalleled insight into the woman. Jewel Marceau choose the scenes herself! They totally demonstrate her Bondage Legend Status! Starring: Jewel Marceau, Ashley Renee, Devin DeMoore, Francesca Lee, Krissy, Kumi, Mistress Persephone, Shannen Kelly, Talia Monet.

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Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie – Ponygirls In Training

This video shows Ashley Lane and Chrissy Marie being trained by a Master to parade as show ponies. First he trains them to do the ‘high step’. Placing an emphasis on poise, this involves lifting the knee as high as possible while stepping forward, keeping the foot pointed downward. Ashley starts by practicing the high step, first in place, then back and forth across the room. Then it’s Chrissy’s turn. Next they trained to do the ‘march’, which is a faster step where the knees are lifted about half as high. Again Ashley goes first, practicing the march first in place, then back and forth across the room. Finally he trains both ponygirls at the same time on both the high step and the march, making them concentrate on moving their legs in tandem with each other.

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Power Shotz – Bondage Newbies

PowerShotz - Bondage Newbies

Picture young fresh faced sexy girls with their hands cuffed behind their shapely soft bottoms. Or their legs spread open wide and roped really tied, while their creamy breast hang free with nipples erect just right with a hard ball stuffed in their pretty pie holes, not to mention the girls aren’t wearing any panties. They squirm and squeal in uncompromising positions.

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Power Shotz – Sub Prime

Stacie is bitch stripped and butt slapped, dominated, spanked, collared and leashed. Led like a doggie on a leash and put in the doggie cage. She is let out of the cage and taken to a room where she is cuffed wrist to ankle and pump gagged. Then cuffed to the bench for a vaginal and anal oiling then vibrated to orgasm. She is made to bark like a doggie, and finally lubricated and ass opened with digital and vibratory dilation.

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Power Shotz – Pretty Little Profit

When sex pervert sees pretty little Bobbi strutting her stuff in that red cheerleader uniform he hears the register ringing. Cheerleaders are in high demand these days! He takes her home the hard way, with leg kicking rag over mouth seduction. Hog ties her in the van and carries her in so he can prep her for delivery.

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Power Shotz – Rayne’s Return

PowerShotz - Rayne's-Return - DVD

Beautiful Brunette Rayne returns, and as usual, is in way over her head! She finds a masked man waiting for her in her living room, and in moments her hands are cuffed behind her back, and a gag is placed in her mouth! She is completely helpless to stop the masked intruder, and that’s where the fun begins! What follows is a great display of dominance as Rayne is pushed to the limits by her Master.

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Power Shotz – Cheerleader Training Camp

Powershotz - Cheerleader Training Camp

Cheerleader on her way home from training is zip tied and taken for a ride. The ride includes being hooded and gagged, hogtied and whipped, leather strapped, fondled, neck roped and humiliated into subservience. Forced stripping, strict bondage and hard discipline will prepare her to cheer up those horny fans the way they need cheered up!

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Power Shotz – Teacher Taught

Teacher Tiki comes to the home of one of her students to admonish the parent for the poor performance of the student in class… and gets a lesson in discipline of her own! Snatching, stripping, strapping, slapping, bit gagging, deep throating, anal rodding, butt plugging, crotch rope action!

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Powershotz – Jade Analyzed

The room echoed everytime the cat-o-nine-tails is swung to her ass, which is music to my ear. Fingers roamed her sensitive areas, just to tease her even more. The glass dildo is introduced, and her holes are soon entered, with or without her permission.

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Powershotz – Two Teen Tarts Topped

Some guys like to control their women. But some guys want more than that; some guys want to dominate their women and bind them. The Master in this film does just that with several hot young girls – they’re taken, stripped, and dominated into bondage slavery. They are compelled to endure ball gags, the whipping post, suspension bondage, and being hog tied.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 11

HOM - Bondage Classics 11

Outdoor Bondage Doublecross: You’ll see her spread-eagled out doors on a wood cross with her captor’s taunting hands kneading her helpless body. Erotic Denial: They were, tightly tied in the forbidden fruit that had been teasing and taunting the entire school, now open and on display. Breast Bondage: Beautiful Jennifer is compelled to pay the price of severe tit tease in order to serve penance and save her falling marriage. Code Of Honor: Alice cheats on her husband, and her brother-in-law takes revenge in the family tradition. She receives lots of cruel lashes! Rude Arousal: Darlene, the little town flirt, is taught a lesson in bondage and discipline by the local girls. It’s tough lesson never to be forgotten.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 10

HOM - Bondage Classics 10

Nina Never Knew: Nina’s self bondage is interrupted by a stranger who fulfills her wildest sexual fantasies. Trouble For Suzie: Suzie’s curiosity leads her to investigate the new neighbor’s apartment, only to find herself in stringent bondage. The Pledge: The vibrato sings its song as the new initiate, submits to the bizarre rites of the sorority. Red Hot Captives: Marti Kaye stars in this red-hot bondage film, captive to an expert rope master. Sign!: To get her to sign the document, her estranged husband uses rope, whip, wire bra, and a dildo to persuade her to say yes.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 9

HOM - Bondage Classics 9

Closet B&D: You will turn your fantasy into ecstasy as you tie her, gag her, strip her. fell her, caress her and touch her. Disciplined: Simone hums into her gag as she feels the cruel bite of the whip followed by the warmth of her mistress’s loving caress. Hobbled & Harnessed: A young girl’s catalog of sex devices and fantasies combine to produce a film you won’t soon forget. Stripped & Whipped: Again and again the whip finds it mark, and the naked Marilyn finds herself dancing to Sara’s tune. Submission by Choice: In this film, you will travel along with the tow lovelies as they experiment in restraint, pain and love.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 7

HOM - Bondage Classics 7

A slave to his pleasure: She is placed in the ultimate bondage – suspended and squirming, held to and by her body’s own weight. mmmmph!: A delicious, realistic recreation of a couple’s private bondage session is recorded on film. Bound gagged and punished: Mary takes a nap waiting for her bondage partner and dreams of someone bigger and more powerful than Jerry! The Secret: Jennifer’s interest in bondage is shared by her roommate. It’s a surprise for each of them, dancing to the whip. Tickled Torment: Sara and Kim tie and tickle each other into bound frenzies, each one taking the dominant role in their erotic torture game.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 6

HOM - Bondage Classics 6

Midnight Mistake: They find her bondage magazines and her own rope that is soon wrapped around her own wrists. Punished: Suspended by her wrists, Marla is stripped, whipped and tortured with clothespins. Caught, Tied, and Fettered: She fights with all her might to adjust her body to the many strenuous bondage positions and suspensions! The Interrogation: She can only watch the assault on her helpless body – the molesting and slapping of her bare skin. Captive: My interrogator observes my helplessness. His time is my time. He has all day and I love each moment, each fraction of a second, to feel his tortures.

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HOM – Bondage Classics 5

HOM - Bondage Classics 5

Suspended Suspense: He takes her from one position to another teasing her naked body giving her a dose of her own medicine. Slave For Rent: Donna, neatly gift wrapped, watches helplessly as she is bought and paid for. Karen quickly disrobes Donna and reties her for her own pleasure. Sweet Revenge: He grabs his raving bitch wife, and gags and ties her, open and vulnerable, to a pallet. Now it’s time to show her who the man of the family really is! Muffled Protest: Dressed in luscious black lingerie, sky-high heels, strapped and chained, their near naked bodies squirm on the satin sheets. Hot and Helpless: The master gags, blindfolds, and ties his captive in various positions displaying her body.

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Hard Tied – Barn Whore (Rain DeGrey)

Master A has decided he wants to play mind games with Rain DeGrey. Normally that would just involve a bit of corporal punishment, but today he is feeling especially sadistic. He has her fucking herself with an ass hook before the games have even started. The series of clamps he sets up later is pretty impressive. Every time she shifts her weight, even a little, the entire apparatus tugs on her tits and cunt. The vibrator that is pressed firmly against her clit makes it one hell of a challenge to hold still, too. Eventually it is impossible to tell if she is screaming out in pain, pleasure or a just the intense combination of the two.

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S.B.I. III – Return To The House Of Gord

The bondage never stops at the House of Gord! After a clever escape from a life of bondage and torment, Celia appears to have disappeared into the sunset. Or has she? What dastardly fate does Gord have in store for this troublesome minx? All will be revealed in this, the third and final chapter in the S.B.I. Trilogy. Keywords: catsuits, corsets, exercise, foam bondage, gags, high heels, hoods, leather, mummification, orgasm, penetration, predicament, punishment, remote control, suspension, slave training, Lady Serena, Lydia McLane, Jewell Marceau.

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S.B.I. I – Trouble At The House Of Gord

Gord and Lady Serena enjoy an evening of bizarre bondage debauchery, relaxing amidst their human furniture suite and reminiscing about their fateful meeting during a Special Bureau of Investigations sting operation. Everyone’s evening is interrupted when a burglar appears on the estate’s security monitors. Karl, head of security, captures a very sexy redhead with a shapely figure. A quick call to a bent cop confirms Miss Celia Minton’s got a record longer than a bullwhip and is facing life in prison as a 3-strike offender. Lady Serena, anxious to achieve the month’s quota for new slave girls, jumps at the chance to add another beauty to Gord’s ever-growing stable of women.

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Juliettes Abductions – Never Disappoint Your Owner

The man is carrying a wooden yoke. Juliette’s owner said to him that she was not obedient enough. So the owner has directed him to punish her. She has to strip herself and the man takes the yoke and holds it on Juliette’s shoulders. She puts her wrists in place as he closes and locks it. He then tells her to go downstairs to the punishment room. There is a hard backed chair sitting in the middle of it. A board is fixed to one wall with numerous devices hanging on it. Juliette’s owner has decided that she gets 50 strokes of the rod to each of her breasts, followed by the stinger. He prepares her for the punishment and starts with a rubber butt plug. Then he pushes an electro stim into her vagina.

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In His Holy Hands

Juliette is kidnapped by a pervy bishop. She’s tied up on the table, lying on her stomach, mouth gagged. Her pussy is fingered, her ass is whipped with a multi tail whip. He rubs his dick and ass on her face before making her suck his cock. He blows a load on her face. She has to lick his cock after that.

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