Bad Girls In Bondage

9 Oct

Some of the hottest 2-girl footage ever created at SPI as breathes life back into the classic works of John Willie and Irving Klaw! Tobi and Rhiannon turn up the heat as they take turns being “bad” – binding and gagging each other – and themselves – in this tribute to the masters of bondage “days gone by”! Vintage clothing, back-seam stockings, nurse uniforms, high-heels, and classic business attire give this flick a nostalgic feel.

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Power Shotz – Bootie Call

8 Oct

Power Shotz - Bootie Call

This poor and unfortunate blonde babe is in some serious trouble. She has been spirited away by her assailant and has decided to put her through some serious and intense bondage routines! She is not pleased by these methods of compelled discipline and can only hope for her eventual release! This is amateur BDSM at its best!

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Police Officer In Distress

30 Sep

Juliette is an undercover police officer. When she attempts to make an arrest, the tables turn and her prisoner quickly becomes her captor. After checking out the sexy lipstick Juliette is wearing, he makes her give him messy blowjob after blowjob with different colored lipsticks on!

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