Cheerleaders Bound And Gagged Part 2

Cheerleader Lenore is being held captive by one her fellow cheerleaders. The other girls on the squad are very disgusted with her flirting with their boyfriends and have decided to teach her a lesson. Stashed away and menaced in the old attic, Lenore is gagged tightly with an ace bandage and her shirt is cut off. She is left to struggle humiliated and exposed.

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Cheerleaders Bound And Gagged Part 1

Madison Young is walking home from cheerleading practice in her jeans, sneakers and sports shirt. Suddenly we see her marched in bound and gagged. She is put to the floor and left to struggle. Put through a series of bondage positions, forced to put on her cheerleading uniform and stinky sweaty gym shoes, she is gagged with her own sock, hard to huff her dirty shoes. Lots of struggling, packed mouth gag talk, and pleading to be let go by Madison!

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Devonshire Production – DP-57

The long awaited continuation, some of the most unique and extreme bondage ever seen on video. A lot of wrapping and layering is done on screen. Includes sensory deprivation, rope webbing, plastic wrap mummification, latex and bandage enclosures, spandex enclosure and upside down suspension!

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Tits Torture Teen

Extreme male domination, Master humiliates and tortures a skinny girl. Tits torture, bondage and whipping.

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Dan Hawke – Maximas Carnage

Dan Hawke - Maximas Carnage

The video opens with Celine Maxima being pushed into Dan’s dungeon play area. Quickly Dan binds her to a steel frame and begins to strip the outfit form her body, After securing her firmly to the post a crotch rope is fitted and hoisted overhead, forcing Celine to thrust her hips forward, showing off her cute pussy split by the cruel rope. Next Celine is set up for one of Dan’s famous “pony” rides. Wrist bound behind her in a web of rope which crisscrosses her breasts she is hoisted up on the wooden pony. Her legs are locked widely apart forcing her sweet sex to absorb all of the pressure where it rests on the wood. As a final torment Dan binds her nipples to the front of the wooden pony, Celine doesn’t seem to appreciate these reins. Cast: Celine Maxima, Dan Hawke, Trina Hawke.

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Russian Fetish – Don’t Touch My Stuff Bitch!

Russian Fetish - Don't Touch My Stuff Bitch!

Leya decides to try some self-bondage using the handcuffs on her wrists and feet. She can put herself in a hog cuff by using the toe cuffs to connect the cuffs. Leya hog cuffs herself and starts struggling on the bed, enjoying the feelings of total helplessness. But her roomate Tonya is home early and she finds Leya hog cuffed and helpless. Tonya decides to teach her flatmate a ticklish lesson!

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Small Cyrus – The Training Session

Small Cyrus - The Training Session

Layla agreed to let Queeny tie her up, all in all she is pretty confident to escape in no time from Queeny rookie knots. But what’s going on here, she just started to play the helpless damsel in distress role for her friend amusement that she decides to take a nap…omg…how can she leave her friend like that. As much as Queeny love to see her friend all tied up she feels so tired…she needs rest..she dreams…Gaffurio appears…a clown….another Small Cyrus minion…

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Layla Bondage Addiction – Simply Unbearable

Layla Bondage Addiction - Simply Unbearable

Queeny told us that after all te ropework wasn’t all that, implying that Layla isn’t a very strict rigger and that she could even try to escape. If she wants to know what “tight” means we are ready to show her. So we told Layla to tie Queeny in “nightmare” mode! With few precise movements, without using a lot of rope, but just pulling very tight ropes connecting feet, hands and neck, Layla put Queeny in an inescapable pain. You see Queeny cocky smile slowly fading away and turning into moan. Then we put harness ball gag in her mouth, and the true pain started. It didn’t last very much. The tight hogtie was simply unbearable and Queeny begged to be released after few minutes.

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