Sydney Hale Bound Video Collection 3

22 Mar

My master wanted to try out a new toy since the first time it wasn’t tied tight enough. The new nose hook made an appearance and was attached up to my gag, it pulled against the skin on the inside of my nose, it hurt. I was so embarrassed about my nose being open like that. I naturally started snorting like a little pig.

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Nyxon – Role Play Domme With Mr Big Boss

20 Mar

Nyxon is dressed in blue latex for a bit of fun role play with Mr Big Boss. He’s playing the unruly client of a pro domme and he wastes no time grabbing her and turning the tables on her pulling her arms behind her and binding her elbows together tightly.

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Elizabeth Andrews – Dance Instructor Bound

19 Mar

Elizabeth Andrews grabs some rope out of her desk drawer as she’s actually had this somewhat planned all along and tells David that she wants him to tie her up and if he does a good job she might just let him have the space. David grabs the rope and starts binding her elbows first before then grabbing another piece and binding her wrists to match.

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Elbow Bound Bitches

14 Mar

I tie them up so their elbows are touching. They are so helpless that way! When I have them like this I can do anything I want to them! Sometimes I get them to cum for my own amusement using vibrators, dildos or whatever I have lying around. You are going to love these Elbow Bound Bitches.

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Close-Up Concepts – Hotel Bondage Blondes

13 Mar

What would YOU do if you suddenly had two hotel rooms and two incredibly hot blondes at your complete disposal? And what if both of these tanned, taut, and busty blondes were also totally into being tightly tied and securely gagged? Well, we certainly know what Darla would do because she shows us in this tasty new video!

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