Beauties In Bondage – Backlash

Beauties In Bondage - Backlash

Amber arrives as an employee of the local authority’s Building Committee to challenge the occupant of a home about a structure he is building. She does not hear the man approach from behind and panics when he grabs her and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth, rendering her senseless. When Amber starts to recover, she finds herself in the process of being tied up. She struggles frantically and uses harsh language against the man restraining her, but she woke too late to make a run for it. Keywords: damsel in distress, girl next door bondage, bound and gagged, tied up and gagged, tied up girl, tied up woman, tight bondage, tight hogtie, tight ropes, tape gagged, bound hand and foot, mouth stuffing, chloroformed woman, tied spreadeagle, cleave gag, bound damsel.

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Beauties In Bondage – Court Martial

Beauties In Bondage - Court Martial

When the MPs recover, they find themselves handcuffed to hooks in the ceiling via zipties, and they are gagged. Next to them, seated on the concrete floor and secured to a pole, is Hannah. The three struggle against their restraints but there is simply no way out. At last, the intruder returns. Hannah makes it clear by mmmphing loudly that she wants to talk to him. Keywords: damsels in distress, girl next door bondage, gagged women, damsel in distress, girls in distress, cadence lux, cali logan, hannah perez, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, tape gagged.

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Beauties In Bondage – Vengeance Is Mine

Beauties In Bondage - Vengeance Is Mine

After serving two years in prison for a crime she did not commit, Niki Lee Young is now desperate for vengeance. She has plans for her three ex-colleagues, which start with taking Dee and Jamie during their lunch break and driving them, wrists ziptied and mouths taped gagged, to Jessica’s house where Niki has already broken in. She marches her two prisoners into the basement and sits them on chairs and uses another zip tie to connect them back to back to a metal pole. Niki then secures their ankles with more zip ties before explaining to them about the cluster of grenades where she has wired all the pins together. She attaches a cord from these to the garage door handle so that when Jessica arrives and enters through the garage, she’ll open the door and pull the pins. Keywords: girls in bondage, girls in distress, tied up with ropes, damsels in distress, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, gagged women, hannah perez, cali logan, cadence lux, jamie daniels, niki lee young.

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Beauties In Bondage – Lost Girls

Beauties In Bondage - Lost Girls

Hannah is busy berating her partner Bub when the two see a car approaching along their potholed driveway. They see two girls (Cali and Cadence) inside the vehicle, almost certainly lost, and decide to have some fun with them. They go to greet the girls, ostensibly to give them directions, then Hannah suddenly holds them up and forces them to climb out of the car. While Bub keeps the girls covered, Hannah zip ties their wrists. She is about to secure Cadence’s ankles when Cali makes a run for it. Hannah gives chase and drags the girl to the ground, promptly zip tying her ankles to make her stay put. Inside, the girls soon find themselves tied to chairs and gagged. Keywords: girls in bondage, girls in distress, tied up with ropes, tied up with zip ties, duct tape gag, hannah perez, cali logan, cadence lux, jamie daniels, niki lee young.

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Lola’s Bondage Therapy

Lola's Bondage Therapy

Lola Anderson is tightly cleave gagged with a long white cloth to keep her quiet while he is away. He has no worries about her escape, her predicament is certainty inescapable! She is left to struggle and worry about what else he has in store for her when he returns! Growing increasingly distressed by the tight ropes and gag she tries her hardest to wiggle free from her predicament only to realize she is completely helpless and will never be able to get free on her own! Keywords: Lola Anderson, elbow bound, hogtied woman, cleave gag, gagging, on screen tying, sneakers, kneesocks, barefoot girl, bound redhead, stripped and bound, topless struggle, tight hogtie, damsel in distress.

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Vika’s Bondage Therapy

Vika's Bondage Therapy

This girl is a little more difficult than the last couple he lured into his trap. She seems tighter and is resisting much more. Master Matt finishes with a hog tie and lets Vika squirm. She says that it is not really working and that she would like to leave and could he please untie her, but he when he doesn’t listen she really starts to panic and get loud! Matt has some other business to attend to so before he leaves he tapes her mouth shut so she can not call for help. He leaves her to struggle and lets her know that he will be back to have some more fun. Keywords: Vika, bound woman, hogtied woman, duct tape gag, gagging, blonde in bondage, humiliation of woman, topless, tied up, struggling woman, rope bondage, damsel in distress.

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Batgirl’s Bondage Therapy

Batgirl's Bondage Therapy

Batgirl is laying on the couch talking to her new therapist. She explains the reason for visit is because Batman thinks she has had a change in behavior. The first clue was the change in costume from the traditional to the more revealing bikini costume. She also explains that Batman thinks that she’s allowing herself to be captured and tied up by low level henchmen because she secretly enjoys being captured and tied up. Batgirl laughs and obviously doesn’t believe Batman’s theory but the therapist wants to test it by tying her up and observing her behavior. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, rope bondage, stockinged feet, struggling, tied up, cleave gag, groping, hand gagging, non-nude, bikini, bound orgasms, sleepy limp fetish, damsel in distress.

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Brooke’s Bondage Therapy

Brooke's Bondage Therapy

Brooke Thomsen wiggles around but just as he suspected, his ropes are far to tight for her to get loose, but he will add some more just to be sure! He takes off her sneakers and socks to reveal her smooth bare feet and then tightly binds her thighs. As she is struggling around on the floor for ‘stress relief’ he sneaks up behind her and shoves a piece of cloth in her mouth and seals it in with tape. She begs him to stop now that she has decided that his technique is really not for her, but it’s too late! No one can hear her mmmpphhs and cries for help. He finishes off by tying her elbows together then hogties her. Keywords: Brooke Thomsen, bound woman, tied up, duct tape gag, mouth packing, struggle, sneaker fetish, tennis shoes, barefoot, topless, hogtied brunette, elbow tie, on screen gagging, on screen tying.

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Chrissy’s Bondage Therapy

Chrissy's Bondage Therapy

Chrissy Marie can’t believe what is happening, she struggles furiously and tries to be as loud as possible, but the ropes and gag are so tight that it’s a hopeless effort. Eventually he returns for her. He picks her up while hogtied and throws her onto the bed. He tells her he is going to go freshen up so they can have some more fun together. Her eyes widen with horror and she struggles even more intensely now! Of course she won’t be able to escape before he returns for her to have his way and blackmail her into writing him a great review to attract his next victim! Keywords: rope bondage, on screen gagging, damsel in distress, struggling barefoot, Chrissy Marie, hogtied, microfoam, mouth packing, stripped topless, denim shorts, futile struggle, bare soles, groping, helpless brunette.

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Penelope’s Bondage Therapy

Penelope's Bondage Therapy

Another new client has arrived for the infamous bondage therapist! He recruited one of his first clients, Chrissy Marie, to be his partner and she has been befriending beautiful girls only to lure them into trying the alternative therapy. She receives a nice cash bonus overtime she sends a new girl his way! This one is quite beautiful and the therapist quickly takes a liking to her. She is skeptical about his techniques, but like all the other girls, he talks her into giving it a shot! Keywords: rope bondage, damsel in distress, struggling in bondage, Penelope, hogtied girl, sock gagged, cleave gag, on screen gagging, on screen tying, crop top, sneakers, knee socks, barefoot girl, brunette in bondage, helpless teen, wrinkled soles.

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Captive Chrissy – Webcam Tape Challenge

Captive Chrissy - Webcam Tape Challenge

Chrissy Marie looks at the screen and reads the instructions aloud as she instructs him how to tape her up into a hog tie with the help of her viewers. When she is done she can’t help but notice he did a pretty good job as she tugs on her bonds. Definitely more immobilizing than Chrissy had anticipated. “Ok. I’m all hogtied.” She says. Then she pauses and reads carefully off the screen. She slowly reads it aloud as if she can’t believe what she is reading! “Stuff a sock in her mouth and then duct tape her mouth shut.” She finally gets it and starts to freak out. “What?!?! No! We didn’t say anything about a sock or DUCT TAPE ON MY MOUTH! Absolutely not!” Keywords: Chrissy Marie, taped up, hogtied woman, sock gagging, mouth packing, tape gag, girl bound and gagged, damsel in distress, struggling, helpless brunette.

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Captive Chrissy – Naughty Nun Bound To Repent

Captive Chrissy - Naughty Nun Bound To Repent

Step-Sister Chrissy Marie is surprised and not sure what to expect as he begins tying her wrists behind her back. Finally he binds her into a strict hogtie and tells her she is going to stay there bound and gagged like that all night! After a night of hopelessly struggling in strict bondage she will surely have repented for her sins, unless this naughty nun ends up enjoying that too! Keywords: Chrissy Marie, nun costume, marlboro red 100, woman punished, hogtied woman, elbow bound, crotch rope, ball gag, gagging, drooling, high heels, stocking feet, on screen tying.

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Chrissy Marie & Chichi Medina – Tortured By Demons

Chrissy Marie & Chichi Medina - Tortured By Demons

Chrissy Marie & Chichi Medina – Tortured By Demons Full Movie. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, Chichi Medina, arms over head, stretched, vibrator, bound orgasms, clothes destruction, frog tied, dildo fucking, ice fetish, wartenberg wheel, nipple torture, electric play, limp fetis, damsels in distress.

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Captive Chrissy – Sporty Girl Struggling In Socks

Captive Chrissy - Sporty Girl Struggling In Socks

As the masked man stands over her trying to figure out what he wants to do with her next, Chrissy Marie is upset that he has humiliated her like he has and gets brave by trying to kick him with her socked feet. That just means he will need to secure her more effectively, like in a very strict hogtie! He tells her he is going to make more preparations for her upstairs and leaves her struggling and desperately trying to escape, although her struggle is surely a futile effort as the ropes and gag are tight and inescapable and he will be back for her before she would ever manage to get free! Keywords: Chrissy Marie, sneakers, white ankle socks, knocked out, stripped girl, hand over mouth, mouth packing, cleave gagging, hogtied woman, gagged women, damsel in distress, rope bondage, on screen tying.

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Captive Chrissy – Slave Girl Bound & Struggling

Captive Chrissy - Slave Girl Bound & Struggling

Slave Chrissy Marie stands tightly bound in rope, naked except for her steel collar and red ball gag. Her elbows are strictly bound together behind her back and her tight crotch rope is tied off to her wrists. Her Master orders her to struggle for him, consider it part of her training. He grabs her by the hair and lowers her down to her knees, and then onto the hard wood floor, where she begins to struggle and roll around. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, barefoot bondage, ball gag, jute rope, collared slave, clover clamps, male domination, hair pulling, slave training, spanking, whipping, caning, corporal punishment, on screen tying.

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Captive Chrissy Marie – Ultragirl Ambushed

Captive Chrissy Marie - Ultragirl Ambushed

Later Ultragirl wakes up in her empty tub. Her power belt is draped over the side of the tub, in view but out of reach in bound predicament. Her wrists and elbows are pinned together behind her back and she is in a tight hogtie. She protests defiantly to the villain until he decides to ballgag her. He then re-starts the water which begins to fill up the tub. Ultragirl struggles desperately and continues to protest defiantly as the water slowly gets higher and higher. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, nylons, pantyhose, knee high boots, costumes, superheroines, damsel in distress, foot fetish, knocked out, groping, lift & carry, bound, hogtied, ballgagged, bathtub, water bondage.

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Captive Chrissy – Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 2

Captive Chrissy - Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 2

When they arrive at his secret lair the masked man cradle carries Chrissy’s limp body in his arms and lays her out on the wooden rack in the center of the room. She finally comes to and finds herself in quite the perilous predicament. The masked man returns and starts to crank the winch a little tighter, stretching her out even more and the menacing noise it makes causes her eyes to widen in fear! He runs his hands up and down her tight body as she squirms and pulls open her bikini top as she helplessly mmmppphs in protest! Keywords: Chrissy Marie, knocked out, damsel in distress, cradle carried, bound, bondage rack, torture rack, ballgag, leather cuffs, stretched, topless, riding crop, foot torture, flogging.

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Captive Chrissy – Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 1

Bikini Babe Bound For Torture Part 1

Chrissy Marie is lounging in her string bikini top and short shorts, but unfortunately her plans to spend a relaxing day by the pool are cut short when a masked man breaks in to capture the bikini clad babe for himself! He handgags her tightly before she has a chance to scream and tells her to be quiet and cooperate with him and she won’t get hurt! Then he starts to tie her up as she begs him to leave her alone and take anything he wants! With her wrists now tightly secured behind her back he takes a long white cloth and gags her with it between her teeth, effectively cleave gagging her so that no one can hear her distressed cries for help! He continues to quickly tie her, binding her legs together and adding more rope around her arms and chest! He hogties her and leaves her struggling on the couch while he goes to pull his van around!

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Borderland Bound – Raging Amazon Wrestlers

Borderland Bound - Raging Amazon Wrestlers

Borderland Bound – Miss Scarlett & Dominique in: Raging Amazon Wrestlers Trussed Up Hard & Tucked Away ’til it’s Time To Move Them Out! Hard, athletic women, hard gagged. Roped like slabs of muscular meat, humiliated, felt up, prepared for a good old fashioned ‘napping in the back of a van.

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Borderland Bound – Dangerous Thrills

Borderland Bound - Dangerous Thrills

Pandora & Skylar in: Dangerous Thrills: “Break in While We Are Out, Then Take Us By Surprise During the Evening & Truss Us Up in Skylar’s Bedroom! Skylar breathes heavily into his palm and grinds against him with her tight little arse as he sets about binding and gagging her. Impossible to know if she’s purring behind that hardcore handgagging… This is IT. He’s got her. What a turn on!

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Borderland Bound – Hot Ladies In Danger

Borderland Bound - Hot Ladies In Danger

Roxi & Lucy in: Hot Ladies in Danger: The Booby-Trapped Agent Situation & a Chilling Figure From Her Past! Insane hogbound floor-dragging from one room to another… and a lot more besides! An open crime case, gathering dust, has just been reopened by beautiful secret agents Roxi Keogh and Lucy Summers.

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Borderland Bound – Defiant Pageant Contestants

Borderland Bound - Defiant Pageant Contestants

Borderland Bound – Chloe & Rebecca in: Defiant Pageant Contestants Viciously Trussed & Kept Away From the Comp, Squirm Heavily in Sheer Outrage! You just KNOW these two are going for it. Electric wrigglers, we had to wrap them both up extra tight to stand even a fighting chance of keeping them still. Feisty, smartass yappers are PLUGGED with cloth and their faces bound tighter than the skin on a bonga drum!

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