Drea Morgan – Abducted Camper Pt 1

Drea Morgan - Abducted Camper Pt 1

Our video opens with the bad guy POV cam slowly sneaking up on a tent early in the morning. He looks around for a good hiding place then throws sticks at the tent until the camper wakes up. Drea Morgan does wake up slowly, gets dressed and goes out of the tent, takes a deep breath of the fresh country air… then out of nowhere a lasso hits her! She struggles but is quickly subdued, gagged and bound. The bad guys pulls her shirt up and her cutoffs down, gropes a bit then goes off on some unknown task, leaving our heroine struggling helplessly.

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Insex – Kidnapped & Crucified (Models 1020, 822)

These city girls, they’re somethin’ else. Least that’s what they think, I suspect. I find em in the bars, all dolled up, makin’ eyes at every pretty boy who comes their way. Buy a couple drinks, get em nice and buzzed. And before you know it they’re in the back of my truck, flopping around like a couple hogs ready for the kill. I’ll take em home for some fresh country air, show em how nice us simple folk can be. I suck on their hard little nipples, reach between their legs to play with their shaved cunts. They make some noise and try to get away. But you know they like it, calms em down for a spell.

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Borderland Bound – Tie Them Tight Like Pigs

Borderland Bound - Tie Them Tight Like Pigs

RaRa & Kellie in: Tie Them Tight Like Pigs & Plug Their Mouths Up For Now. We’ll Take Them Up To the Old LightHouse Tonight! Two busty, stripped secret agent beauties writhing bound like pigs in a room at the back of a creepy house, their mouths stuffed first with their own panties and then with thick dirty sock rolls, their faces smeared with very sticky pink tape.

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