Real Breasts Real Torment 3

Real Breasts Real Torment 3 DVD

Strap yourselves in for this wicked collection of tit torment scenes featuring the hottest natural breasted beauties of the bondage biz! A compilation of the most sensual and sadistic tit tease scenes. Join the pain, and take it all in your going to need to close your eyes sometimes! Starring: Taylor St. Claire, Nikki Darlin, Donna, Summer, Kym Wilde, Star Chandler, Haley Storm, Bebe Licious, Master Aaron, Master Keith, Gerard, Tom Moore, Slave, Jack the Stripper, Nija Mike.

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Real Breasts Real Torment 2

Real Breasts Real Torment 2 DVD

Sometimes a woman’s greatest asset can be her greatest misfortune. Such is the plight of the well-endowed women in this truly sadistic film. Titanic tits are tied, squeezed, pinched and used to store clothespins. These punishments and more lie in store for the big-breasted ladies in this vicious feature. Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Spanking, Tit Punishment, Hot Wax, Needles.

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Welcome To Hell – Cupcake Shut Your Mouth Gimp

Then there is Cupcake SinClair. Generally her mouth is pretty useful, for all sorts of things with her pouty lips and split tougue. But today, “gimp” Cupcake needs to shut the fuck up, and to really make sure that happens, surgical needles through her whore lips and then tied off with twine – just the trick to keep this piece of meat nice and quiet (except for the crying and moaning and snorting to answer questions). Of course, there is the red leaking out of the holes in the bitch’s face, but that is a small price to pay for a quiet piece of meat, dressed in latex, on display and (mostly) silent.

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Piercing – Hard Pain Or Pleasure

Tender, innocent flesh feeling the sharp kiss of cold steel! This is the compilation you’ve demanded. The most extreme S&M piercing scenes ever captured all in one amazing video! It is a feast for the senses as some of the sexiest women in bondage entertainment are poked, pierced and perforated with various sharp objects for the delight of their cruel masters and for their own perverse passions of pain.

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Paingate – Scrum

Another installment of the Pain Gate series from the Japanese site Scrum. Pussy shaving, wax, needles, water torture! Asian slave girl has her pussy shaved, a tampon shoved in her mouth, tortured with hot wax, tied with lots of rope and suspended, slapped in the face, dunked in a water tank, beaten and tortured with needles in her tits.

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Brutal Master – Filth – Skewered Bullwhipped Destroyed

Once upon a time there was a piece of shit named Filth. Filth told people she would never let her tits be skewered. Nope, No way. Not going to happen. But Filth knew she was a worthless whore whose purpose in life is licking assholes, edging, cleaning toilets with her tongue and suffering so others could laugh at her agony. So Filth began asking to have her tits skewered, then she pleaded to have her tits skewered. Finally, she begged to have her tits skewered. And so her tits were skewered, after being nailed and beaten. And while she was strung up, and her tits were skewered, and she cried and nearly fainted, she was beaten, whipped, and utterly destroyed.

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