Summer Peters – Tight Leggings And Lots Of Rope

19 Mar

Summer Peters is dressed in tight silver leggings and a pink tight tank top as her elbows are welded together with thin white rope. A wrist and forearm rope are added and her arms are thoroughly welded together. A waist rope is added before her mouth is packed and then sealed with microfoam tape gagging her effectively.

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Sarah Brooke – Extreme Strict Hogtie

16 Feb

Sarah Brooke is wearing a lycra spandex leotard layered over some American Apparel Tricot Spandex leggings.. She is tightly bound with her arms behind her and elbows welded together. Time to crank up the heat on poor Sarah. I step into frame and pull her back into an extremely strict back arched hogtie.

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Elizabeth Andrews – Tickled In Spandex Shorts

4 Feb

He is tickling me so much that it’s hard to breath from all the laughing. He complicates the situation a bit by ballgagging me with my 2 1/4th inch ball gag. My jaws soon get tired laughing around the big gag. I start to drool and laugh at the same time.

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Pepper Sterling – Crotch Rope Column Tie

4 Feb

David is leading Pepper into a weird room where there’s a rope hanging down from the ceiling. She’s reluctant but goes along with it asking him what he has planned as he starts binding her wrists. Soon her elbows and wrists are joined tightly together before he brings out a red cloth shoving it into her mouth.

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Holly Wood – Leather Bound On Her First Day

25 Jan

Holly Wood met up with David Andrews during her very first day as a bondage model. Dressed in a silver spandex skirt, sheer glittery top, and black wedges with shiny studs, she is introduced to leather bondage. First, her arms are slid into a ledermeister armbinder.

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Devonshire Productions – Cocoon Part 3

20 Jan

Some of the most unique and extreme cocoon-style bondages ever seen on video. A lot of wrapping and layering is done on screen. Includes sensory deprivation, rope webbing, plastic wrap mummification, latex and bandage enclosures, Tara’s spandex enclosure and upside down suspension, breathing tubes and inflatable hood scenes.

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Elizabeth Andrews – Disgruntled Girlfriend

4 Jan

She notices a red ballgag and questions him on what it is before finding out by having it roughly shoved into her mouth and strapped cruelly tight. He shoves her to the couch next and binds her ankles together. With her rendered completely helpless he gives her a bit of heavy groping before leaving her again to get a sandwich.

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Elizabeth Andrews – Bound For Fun In Shiny Pants And Super Arches

3 Jan

Lizz is in the mood for a bit of bondage with her shiny new pants, sheer shirt and super arch heels. David grabs a rope and binds her elbows first pulling them tightly together. Next come her wrists bound tightly. A head harness gag is strapped onto her mouth and then David steps back to admire his handiwork.

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Samantha – Spandex Encasement 1

29 Nov

Samantha is dressed in a black spandex catsuit, then I gag her tightly and rig her into a leather straightjacket. The fun doesnt stop there, I throw a spandex sleepsack over her head and fully encase her in red spandex! Layers and layers…

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Stefania Mafra – Crotch Rope Endurance

23 Nov

Gorgeous Stefania Mafra gets a little more than she bargained for today as I pull the rack back into the living room for some crotch rope predicament action. Strappadoed, cinched, and spread wide, she has to decide whether to distribute her weight to her aching bound arms, or the steadily tightening crotch rope working itself in deeper and deeper.

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Harmony Concepts – Harperesque

2 Nov

New Harmony producer Phil Carson continues to show a great deal of bondage talent in this his second excellent effort. Paying tribute to masterbondager Sean Harper, Phil recreates scenes from the past on the beautiful women of today. Andrea Neal is tied like she’s never been tied before in three sexy scenes.

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