Powershotz – Cheerleader Training Camp

Powershotz - Cheerleader Training Camp

Cheerleader on her way home from training is zip tied and taken for a ride. The ride includes being hooded and gagged, hogtied and whipped, leather strapped, fondled, neck roped and humiliated into subservience. Forced stripping, strict bondage and hard discipline will prepare her to cheer up those horny fans the way they need cheered up!

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Power Shotz – Sub Prime

Stacie is bitch stripped and butt slapped, dominated, spanked, collared and leashed. Led like a doggie on a leash and put in the doggie cage. She is let out of the cage and taken to a room where she is cuffed wrist to ankle and pump gagged. Then cuffed to the bench for a vaginal and anal oiling then vibrated to orgasm. She is made to bark like a doggie, and finally lubricated and ass opened with digital and vibratory dilation.

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Power Shotz – Hard On Girls

It begins with Alex, coming from a club in a hot mini. She is grabbed, stripped, dominated into submission, cuffed to a bench, made to suck, then doggie style fucked hard. In scene 2, Jessy is run down in the woods, she is captured, roped up tight, thrown over the shoulder and left in a hole. She is discovered by a man who takes her back to his place. Then we find Alex still held captive. She is ball gagged and hogcuffed on the divan so she can be fucked hard. Roped up Jessy sucks…and is bent over a box and fucked with some good butt slapping thrown in.

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Power Shotz – Teacher Taught

Teacher Tiki comes to the home of one of her students to admonish the parent for the poor performance of the student in class… and gets a lesson in discipline of her own! Snatching, stripping, strapping, slapping, bit gagging, deep throating, anal rodding, butt plugging, crotch rope action!

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Cheerleaders In Bondage

Jewell Marceau and Sinn Sage are helpless, bound, and gagged cheerleaders anxious to show off their talents at cheerleader tryouts. Little did these two girls know that they had been tricked by the sadistic Mistress Gemini who has all along harbored a deep loathing and seething desire to abuse and humiliate cute young cheerleaders for her own personal satisfaction.

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Close-Up Concepts – The Seduction Of Scarlett

Lovely Jewell Marceau again stars as slave “Scarlett.” Bryan Davies carries her bound body over his shoulder and gently sets her down for some sexy fondling. The bondages are tough and demanding, but Scarlett must obey and she does. By evening, the once protesting prisoner has been transformed into a purring pet, even in a difficult hogtie that pulls her hair back to her feet!

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Longdozen Video Collection 1

Longdozen Video Collection 1. Longdozen BDSM Studio shows an unique and hard corporal punishment and BDSM videos, where beautiful women and teen girls get harsh domination lessons with a lot of whipping pain, breast whipping, full body bullwhipping, extreme suspensions, cruel breast torture, japanese shibari rope bondage and erotic spanking. Don’t miss such an extreme BDSM torture show like Longdozen!

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Captive Chrissy – Slave Girl Bound & Struggling

Captive Chrissy - Slave Girl Bound & Struggling

Slave Chrissy Marie stands tightly bound in rope, naked except for her steel collar and red ball gag. Her elbows are strictly bound together behind her back and her tight crotch rope is tied off to her wrists. Her Master orders her to struggle for him, consider it part of her training. He grabs her by the hair and lowers her down to her knees, and then onto the hard wood floor, where she begins to struggle and roll around. Keywords: Chrissy Marie, barefoot bondage, ball gag, jute rope, collared slave, clover clamps, male domination, hair pulling, slave training, spanking, whipping, caning, corporal punishment, on screen tying.

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Borderland Bound – Muzzled Ladies Agents

Borderland Bound - Muzzled Ladies Agents

Electra & Phoebe in: Severely Muzzled Lady Agents Bound, Held & Abused! The bound and gagged beauties are furious, indignant and totally humiliated. How the heck are they going to get out of this? Later, true to his word, the fiend binds the two into tight hogties, having ballgagged them with painfully huge gob stoppers and spanked them for wriggling so much.

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