Brittany Andrews Bondage Legend

Brittany Andrews Bondage Legend DVD

When looking for a woman who loves bondage and is an experienced bondage pro, look no further than Brittany Andrews! Brittany is a fan favorite who delivers on the action! In this landmark video, it is revealed that she is truly a bondage legend! This is a hardcore delight for all bondage enthusiasts! Starring: Ariana, Asia Carrera, Mila, Brittany Andrews, Ariele Cole, Sara St. James, Takeshi Nagaike, Dr. Bondo, Michael Keye.

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Bondage Weekend Wager

Bondage Weekend Wager is a storyline bondage video starring Sydney and Jim. Sydney and Jim have made a bet, and Sydney has lost. Jim’s willing to forget it, but when Sydney pesters him into paying the bet, he makes her pay up, big time! Sydney is put through her paces topless, with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back, corseted, strapped up in a straitjacket and gagged, and even locked into the evil Martin Rigid-brace. She showers and brushes her teeth nude, and, you guessed it, handcuffed!

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Insex – The Roomate

Vita heard about insex from her roommate friend. She is a newbie to bondage and figured she would like to give it a try. As pd questions her and begins the scene mindfucking her with a shiny pair of scissors, she sits terrorized as he tells her that he just might cut off her nipples. A posture collar tightens around her long neck making her voice all squeaky and high pitched, next in goes a rubber ballgag with a pump thingy attached to it. He leaves her to sit for awhile in bondage, alone to ponder in horror of the unknown, what will happen next. Tags: 1201, Blindfold, Cuffs, Elephant’s trunk, Flogging, Forced Orgasm, Ballgag, KneeSpreader, Labia-clamp, Mittens, Nipple Clamp, Nose-hook, Rope bondage, Rubber, Scissors, Straight razor, Suspension, Tit-Torture, Whip.

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