Russian Fetish – Liquidation Of Agent Leya

Russian Fetish - Liquidation Of Agent Leya

In the next scene, Leya lies on the floor with her legs tied to a pole. The bad guy cleans her feet and lubricates them abundantly with oil. He uses a paintbrush and cooking oil, to prepare her feet. After that, he takes a hair dryer – I’ll fry your heels, baby!

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Russian Fetish – Don’t Touch My Stuff Bitch!

Russian Fetish - Don't Touch My Stuff Bitch!

Leya decides to try some self-bondage using the handcuffs on her wrists and feet. She can put herself in a hog cuff by using the toe cuffs to connect the cuffs. Leya hog cuffs herself and starts struggling on the bed, enjoying the feelings of total helplessness. But her roomate Tonya is home early and she finds Leya hog cuffed and helpless. Tonya decides to teach her flatmate a ticklish lesson!

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Insex – 912 Pack (22 Videos)

912 is tied to a chair and electric nipple clamps are put on her. She’s gagged with her panties, and another electric toy is shoved up her pussy as her head is put in a plastic bag, causing her to be unable to breathe. She gets shocked until she starts crying. Still tied to the chair her clothes are removed, she’s gagged and her boobs bound, and a sharp toothpick forces her to keep her legs apart. She’s then tied on a wooden horse with her feet weighted by buckets full of stones. She’s made to drink PD’s piss from one of those buckets..

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Insex – Pendulum

S4’s live feed from June 2000 begins with the Korean beauty clothed, with a muzzle gag in her mouth and restrained with rope. The dress is removed and she is suspended in tight hogtie wearing only pantyhose. She whines and shouts in the intense position. Candles are placed below, heating her silky body. Dangling over the rousing flames, tears spurt from her eyes and slimy strands of snot fall from her nose.

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Insex – 12’s Debut Feed

Shoot stars with seeing a bonus Cowgirl in bondage in the background. 112 is hogtied on the ground. She gets stripped and gagged and tickled. Then she’s suspended from her legs, inverted, and tortured with a violet wand. She is swung in her suspension by her labia clamps. Both her pussy and butt gets plugged and she gets a good spanking. Then she’s bound on a wooden chair and clothespins on a zipper is put all over her body, and ripped off. Lastly some needles are put through her boobs in the final scene.

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