Tandem Slave Beating

Slave Emma from Paintoy is never short on ideas in the sick and cruel torture department but when her breast bondage implements didn’t work on slave Abigail, she found herself in a predicament of her own. Two slaves are whipped and caned.

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Piercing – Hard Pain Or Pleasure

Tender, innocent flesh feeling the sharp kiss of cold steel! This is the compilation you’ve demanded. The most extreme S&M piercing scenes ever captured all in one amazing video.

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Pain Vixens – Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant

Nubile female recruit is put through an arduous and exhausting physical regimen to break her will. See her muscles strain to hold the heavy rocks, even when her supply is cut off with elastic straps. The cruel sergeant takes great delight in lashing her when she fails.

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Tits Torture Teen

Extreme male domination, Master humiliates and tortures a skinny girl. Tits torture, bondage and whipping.

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Rick Savage – Young Blonde Bondage & Discipline

This movie is about the submission of a young blonde, Amber. We see Amber, wearing black boots, a short black skirt and a blouse sitting in a chair in the Royal Castle Dungeon in Philadelphia. Her breasts swell beneath her blouse. She tells Master Savage that her boyfriend has tied her up and spanked her and she loves it.

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Dan Hawke – Snatching Skythe

Dan Hawke - Snatching Skythe

Skythe plays a hooker who wants to get the maximum buck out of her bondage loving client, but gets a bit more than she bargained for from Dan! He cons her into a simple chair tie before “turning into” the Dan Hawke we all know and love. He rips away her clothing and adds a crotch rope and Skythe knows she’s in for big trouble.

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Dan Hawke – Bound On Blonde

Dan Hawke - Bound On Blonde

This video opens as Beth is led into the playroom. Cuffing her hands behind a pole, Dan cuts off her clothes with scissors. After putting clothespins all over her body. Dan next applies rope work to the standing Beth as a wooden dowel becomes the base of a triangle that runs to an overhead pulley. As Dan tightens the bar, the dowel rod presses tightly against Beth’s soft pubic mound. Beth struggles against the pressure of the harsh wood grinding against her sex. Beth is then painfully suspended, a crotch rope the only think keeping her legs off of the floor. Beth is then tied to a stool, a thin cord pulling her nipples skyward, and rope again splitting her sex. Last Beth is bound with her legs spread wide. Dan uses a heavy flogger and thick black slapper on the helpless girl.

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Dan Hawke – BJs Bondage Jam

Dan Hawke - BJs Bondage Jam

Dan’s victim, BJ, first appears in a cute white dress being dragged into Dan’s dungeon playroom and he quickly hooks her wrists overhead. Dan cranks her higher and then helps himself to some fondling of BJ’s hot, tight body before pulling a huge green ball gag from the shelf.

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Dan Hawke – Bound Hottie

Dan Hawke - Bound Hottie

Sexy April is first seen chained to a pole in the dungeon. Dan tears the clothes from her body and then ropes her to the post, spreading her legs and adding a weighted crotch-rope. She struggles pitifully for a bit before Dan returns and suspends her on his horrid wooden horse where she would suffers and strains.

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Dan Hawke – Maximas Carnage

Dan Hawke - Maximas Carnage

The video opens with Celine Maxima being pushed into Dan’s dungeon play area. Quickly Dan binds her to a steel frame and begins to strip the outfit form her body, After securing her firmly to the post a crotch rope is fitted and hoisted overhead, forcing Celine to thrust her hips forward, showing off her cute pussy split by the cruel rope. Next Celine is set up for one of Dan’s famous “pony” rides. Wrist bound behind her in a web of rope which crisscrosses her breasts she is hoisted up on the wooden pony. Her legs are locked widely apart forcing her sweet sex to absorb all of the pressure where it rests on the wood. As a final torment Dan binds her nipples to the front of the wooden pony, Celine doesn’t seem to appreciate these reins. Cast: Celine Maxima, Dan Hawke, Trina Hawke.

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Dan Hawke – Angels Accounting

Dan Hawke - Angels Accounting

Alisha Agel learns that stealing from the mob is never a good idea. We open with Alisha bound and ready for some delirious tease. The objective is to get a swiss bank account number where she has stored the cash she embezzled from the mob.

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