Julie Simone – Bondage Legend

Julie Simone - Bondage Legend DVD

When you think of bondage, Julie Simone’s name is at the top of the list! She’s worked with all the major players, some of which are included in this amazing DVD that spans 2000-2008. Riggers include Lorelei, Jack Banner, Mystery Man, Jim Martin, Master Jack, and more! The wide range of scenarios include romantic/bedroom bondage, damsel in distress, male Dom, solo struggling, full body suspension, duct tape bondage, chair ties, hogties, bit gags, ring gags, bastinado, latex, metal restraints, leather, ball gags, drooling, predicament bondage and more!

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Brittany Andrews Bondage Legend

Brittany Andrews Bondage Legend DVD

When looking for a woman who loves bondage and is an experienced bondage pro, look no further than Brittany Andrews! Brittany is a fan favorite who delivers on the action! In this landmark video, it is revealed that she is truly a bondage legend! This is a hardcore delight for all bondage enthusiasts! Starring: Ariana, Asia Carrera, Mila, Brittany Andrews, Ariele Cole, Sara St. James, Takeshi Nagaike, Dr. Bondo, Michael Keye.

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Tight Security

Tight Security DVD

B & D Pleasures is taking you back in time to our earliest video library, where bondage legends were just learning their kinky craft, these are the videos that built the foundation of fetish entertainment. Amy is curious about bondage but makes a big mistake cuffing herself without the keys so she calls the security guard of her complex for help but help she doesn`t get. He gives her her wish of bondage and she loves it, soon they are a couple experimenting with their fetish.

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Desert Of Fear

Real Breasts Real Torment 2 DVD

A pretty brunette writer sits down at her typewriter to hack out a story of fantasy in which she’s driving through the Mojave Desert somewhere in California. She sees what looks like to be an abandoned house and stops to investigate. While snooping around she’s surprised and captured by the villainous, one-eyed denizen who subsequently ties, chains, and shackles her. He then administers some marvelous leather discipline combined with unique suspension.

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Kym Wilde Bound On Stage

Kym Wilde Bound On Stage DVD

B & D Pleasure is taking you back in time to our earliest video library, where bondage legends were just learning their kinky craft. These are the videos that built the foundation of fetish entertainment. In one of Kym Wilde is very first videos, she submits to being tied and gagged, has clothes pins placed on her bare breasts. Soon the clothes pins are switched for rippled clips with magnets on the end of them and she must crawl on the floor with her arms bound in a leather sleeve to pick up metal weights.

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Psycho Sexualis – The Terror Series

Psycho Sexualis - The Terror Series DVD

Caught cheating on her husband, sleep-around Stefani Weaver finds herself at the School for Wayward Wives. A demanding curriculum is in store for her as the seemingly insane Headmaster Majors and his henchmen personally administer each punishing course. Control is just one of the rigorous instructional disciplines, all designed to break a woman’s spirit and bring her to her knees.

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Real Breasts Real Torment 3

Real Breasts Real Torment 3 DVD

Strap yourselves in for this wicked collection of tit torment scenes featuring the hottest natural breasted beauties of the bondage biz! A compilation of the most sensual and sadistic tit tease scenes. Join the pain, and take it all in your going to need to close your eyes sometimes! Starring: Taylor St. Claire, Nikki Darlin, Donna, Summer, Kym Wilde, Star Chandler, Haley Storm, Bebe Licious, Master Aaron, Master Keith, Gerard, Tom Moore, Slave, Jack the Stripper, Nija Mike.

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Real Breasts Real Torment 2

Real Breasts Real Torment 2 DVD

Sometimes a woman’s greatest asset can be her greatest misfortune. Such is the plight of the well-endowed women in this truly sadistic film. Titanic tits are tied, squeezed, pinched and used to store clothespins. These punishments and more lie in store for the big-breasted ladies in this vicious feature. Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Spanking, Tit Punishment, Hot Wax, Needles.

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Real Breasts Real Torment

Real Breasts Real Torment DVD

Starring Bill Majors and a host of beautiful women. Breast bondage lovers are reeling with excitement and awe! This treasure-trove of painfully priceless Breast torment sessions by Master Bill Majors is what made him famous. Rubber bands swell submissive mounds into ripe melons ready for your big bite. Tight ropes squeeze big, natural boobs into bountiful balloons. Forests of clothespins clamp sensitive mammaries into punished sex glands. Hooter presses of leather and wood amplify the humiliation of the slaves, their nipples swelling with lust and painful pleasure.

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Diabolical French Breast Torment

British Ponygirls DVD

A cute french slave girl’s naturally ample breasts are taken to the limit in this erotic romp trough the fantasies of the tits man. Clothspines are clipped to her breasts. She has to bend over a mat of nails and gets spanked. Categories: spanking, caning, bondage, whipping.

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