House Of Gord – Room 237

A script taken directly from one of Gord’s most famous books, Project 237, has been transformed into a House of Gord feature length film – Room 237! Three succulent women are in from out of town for a beauty pageant. They check into Room 237, but they never check out! They are kidnapped by a slave trader who has received orders from three of his best customers. Watch as these spirited women are transformed into perfect sex slaves suiting each collector’s specific diabolical desires, then packaged for transport and shipped to their new owners. Starring Jewell Marceau, Adrianna Nichole (as Seven) and Claire Adams. Keywords: cages, corsets, electrical, exercise, kidnapping, gags, handcuffs, high heels, latex, leather, orgasm, public BDSM, rope bondage, spanking, spreader bars, stockings, stocks, suspension, slave training, extreme hogties.

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House Of Gord – Walking Fucking Machine

2013 Folsom Street Fair Gord’s Walking Fucking Machine – Femcar and Pandora63 traveled to this year’s Folsom Fringe Steeet Fair and demo’d Jeff Gord’s Walking Fucking Machine in public at the street fair. Femcar wore the machine for 5 hours and this week her pussy is still sore. The jaw-dropping spectacle was seen by thousands of Festival-goers. As they passed by kink stage, all eyes turned to Femcar and Pandora as they paraded past the stage.

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Futile Struggles – Drusilla In ZipTie Strappado Part 2

Drusilla endures her cruel bondage as I tighten any ties that look loose. I also snip away the excess ends of other ties, and add a few more. I wrap black tape around her forehead and under her nose as I like the way it looks and Drusilla has to breathe through her mouth. I clamp both of her nipples and then hang a padlock from each one. Now seems like a good time to tighten up her strappado. I tighten up the zipties pulling her arms overhead a few inches and Drusilla moans as she adapts to the strain and pull. I step away for a while just to watch Drusilla suffer for our enjoyment.

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Futile Struggles – Ravens First Hogtie Part 5

Raven Eve is left to endure her hogtie. After a while, I want a new view, so I roll Raven onto her side, because she sure can’t do it herself. She is there for quite some time. I finally get a reaction out of her when I clover clamp her nipples and then pull the clamps tight. I step away once again and let Raven endure her bondage, nose hook, and now the clamps. I remove them a short while later and once again Raven lets out a loud groan. I manhandle her again and slap her nice jean clad ass a few more times before I free her.

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Futile Struggles – Ravens First Hogtie Part 2

Raven Eve moans and yelps as I continue to roughly manhandle her. I clasp a hand over her mouth as I slap and grab her tits, and I sometimes use both hands to slap both tits at the same time. I use her crotchrope as a handle to position her as I slap her ass and tits, and I use her hair for the same purpose. After a while, I clamp her nipples with some very intense clamps with a medium sized cowbell attached to each one. I order Raven to dance for me, which she does without hesitation. I order her to ring the bells and she does. Her noises and expressions are priceless.

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Juliettes Auction XXL

A door on one side opens and a man leads Juliette in by the chain attached to her collar. He gags her with tha ballgag and brings over a short bar with eye hooks at either end. He turns the neck shackle around so the ring on it is behind Juliette’s head. He shackles her wrists together behind her back and attaches them to the bottom end of the bar. He brings over two leather straps and straps her elbows together. The man then turns Juliette around so the audience can get a good look at her body. He then moves her to one side and brings in a metal platform. Now the show can begin…

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Juliettes Abductions – Never Disappoint Your Owner

The man is carrying a wooden yoke. Juliette’s owner said to him that she was not obedient enough. So the owner has directed him to punish her. She has to strip herself and the man takes the yoke and holds it on Juliette’s shoulders. She puts her wrists in place as he closes and locks it. He then tells her to go downstairs to the punishment room. There is a hard backed chair sitting in the middle of it. A board is fixed to one wall with numerous devices hanging on it. Juliette’s owner has decided that she gets 50 strokes of the rod to each of her breasts, followed by the stinger. He prepares her for the punishment and starts with a rubber butt plug. Then he pushes an electro stim into her vagina.

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Juliettes Abductions – Anal Bride

Even on Juliette’s wedding day she’s captured and in distress again! Instead of the chauffeur escorting her to the chapel her assailant introducers her to gags and bondage since he wasn’t invited to the wedding.

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Shadowplayers – Ponygirls

Six beautiful ponygirls are trained in spectacular outdoor Western locations. Over 70 minutes of exciting outdoor pony scenes. Petra is harnessed and gets a butt plug tail by her handler Gypsy. Naked and harnessed, she pulls a cart through the desert around Monument Valley. She is led naked and barefoot to a desert stream where she splashes and plays. She gets a strap-on fucking and is saddle trained. Tracy Hilton is picked up while hitch-hiking. Shackled and gagged in the back on a van, her clothes cut and ripped off, she is taken to a remote location. Naked and barefoot, she is led across a rocky trail to be trained as a ponygirl. Starring: Moonshine, Rose Algren, Kitty, Petra, Melissa Ashley, Gypsy, Claire Adams, Tracey Hilton.

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Shadowplayers – Southwest Ponygirls

Southwest Ponygirls

Sexy lengthy haired Gracie Vega experiences her 1st pony punishment. Out in the Arizona Desert, this babe has been taken exposed to be harnessed, bitted, and equipped with a iron gazoo plug and painful teat clamps with bells. Lunge line punishment prepares her to pull a cart throughout wild western scenery. Claire Adams is harnessed in the same fashion in the wilds of Utah. After some exercise in one location, that babe is transported in natures garb, cuffed and ball-gagged in a car along public roads to proceed cart pulling in an even greater amount spectacular location. Jena Kitten does some cosplay as My Little Pony, demonstrating how to put in a ponytail booty plug and braid it. Sybil Hawthorne pulls her cart high above Glen Canyon not quite totally undressed.

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ShadowPlayers – Naked Slavegirls Punished

ShadowPlayers - Naked Slavegirls Punished DVD

Sybil, Dawn and Lillith are naughty slavegirls who must be made to endure every whim that their demanding master has! Of course, the only proper way for his point to be made is if the girls are as naked as the day they were born. Sybil’s endurance is stretched to the limit in three ways. First, she must choose between standing on her toes for an agonizing time or get relief only to have her nipples clamped while her bottom is paddled. Next, she must crawl on the floor to move padlocks from place to place using only a hook through the ring of her nose. Failure to finish on time results in more paddling. Finally, she is bound to a cross and given a strong lashing on her lush breasts and smooth shaven pussy.

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ShadowPlayers – Real College Girls In Bondage

Real College Girls In Bondage DVD

Two real college girls display their love of bondage, punishment, and pain. Genesis, a sultry beauty with short red hair is introduced to shackles and then stripped of her clothes. A ball gag, clamps on her nipples and pussy lips torment her while she is spread wide for inspection. Kelly, a pierced and tattooed stunner with short dark hair, loves rubber and is introduced to bondage while wearing a gas mask. Still in the mask, she is spread eagle and whipped and caned. In other scenes, she is hung naked by her ankles and whipped and caned while cold water pours over her. She suffers on several different bondage devices that keep her in pain and discomfort.

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Shadowplayers Slavegirls

Shadowplayers Slavegirls DVD

Ariel endures a hogtie while her clothes are cut off, orgasm, whipping, caning and being bound. Melissa is stripped while her nipples are clamped and pulled, then spanked and whipped to an orgasm. She then plays with a collection of dildos and butt plugs, each one larger than the last! Claire Adams is tormented with strong clamps on her tits and very heavy weights on her pierced labia. Kitty is caned in two different sessions…

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ShadowPlayers – Naked Petgirls & Slavegirls

ShadowPlayers - Naked Petgirls And Slavegirls DVD

Adorable Sybil Hawthorne and sexy Calypso are both trained as naked petgirls kept in cages. They learn to act like puppies, eat and drink from bowls on the floor, and play with toys for rewards. Calypso is taught to herself outdoors. In another scenario, Sybil acts as a captured stewardess. Stripped, gagged and punished, she is must put on a show and bring herself to orgasm with dildos and a vibrator while putting clothespins on her own nipples and pussy lips.

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Rick Savage’s Actual B&D Girlfriend

Over the years, we’ve probably seen well over a hundred ladies submit to Master Rick Savage in one of his bondage videos. As this movie gets under way, Rick informs us that the model is not just any ordinary model or slave. It’s his girlfriend, Camille. And as the action progresses, we realize that we’re witnessing something exceptional – the intimacy that a “real life” couple brings to the screen. The chemistry between Master Rick and his Camille is obvious. Yes, there’s bondage, dominance and submission, and amazing S&M.

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