Real Breasts Real Torment 3

Real Breasts Real Torment 3 DVD

Strap yourselves in for this wicked collection of tit torment scenes featuring the hottest natural breasted beauties of the bondage biz! A compilation of the most sensual and sadistic tit tease scenes. Join the pain, and take it all in your going to need to close your eyes sometimes! Starring: Taylor St. Claire, Nikki Darlin, Donna, Summer, Kym Wilde, Star Chandler, Haley Storm, Bebe Licious, Master Aaron, Master Keith, Gerard, Tom Moore, Slave, Jack the Stripper, Nija Mike.

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Real Breasts Real Torment 2

Real Breasts Real Torment 2 DVD

Sometimes a woman’s greatest asset can be her greatest misfortune. Such is the plight of the well-endowed women in this truly sadistic film. Titanic tits are tied, squeezed, pinched and used to store clothespins. These punishments and more lie in store for the big-breasted ladies in this vicious feature. Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Spanking, Tit Punishment, Hot Wax, Needles.

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Real Breasts Real Torment

Real Breasts Real Torment DVD

Starring Bill Majors and a host of beautiful women. Breast bondage lovers are reeling with excitement and awe! This treasure-trove of painfully priceless Breast torment sessions by Master Bill Majors is what made him famous. Rubber bands swell submissive mounds into ripe melons ready for your big bite. Tight ropes squeeze big, natural boobs into bountiful balloons. Forests of clothespins clamp sensitive mammaries into punished sex glands. Hooter presses of leather and wood amplify the humiliation of the slaves, their nipples swelling with lust and painful pleasure.

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Insex – Pendulum

S4’s live feed from June 2000 begins with the Korean beauty clothed, with a muzzle gag in her mouth and restrained with rope. The dress is removed and she is suspended in tight hogtie wearing only pantyhose. She whines and shouts in the intense position. Candles are placed below, heating her silky body. Dangling over the rousing flames, tears spurt from her eyes and slimy strands of snot fall from her nose.

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B&D Pleasures – Eve Ellis Bondage Legend

Eve Ellis Bondage Legend DVD

The first time most men lay eyes on Eve Ellis, their hearts melt and they are forever entranced. Like all Legends, Eve had to start somewhere. Welcome to Eve Ellis Bondage Legend where you will witness this superstar in a variety of bondage perils unlike you’ve ever seen before! You’ll get a chance to see Eve when she was a ripe and new rising star working under the name Vivian. From there you will witness her transformation into the breathtaking diva she is today. Hot, sexy, curvaceous and playful, Eve Ellis is a soaring star who loves to be bound for your pleasure. Starring: Darby Daniels, Greta Carlson, Jacklyn Lick, Persephone, Sharon Kane, Summer Knight, Tasha Welch, Tori St Claire.

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Jesse Flanagan BDSM Videos Part 2

Jesse Flanagan shares images that feature his own elaborate ties on models who are often contorted in strikingly strenuous poses and sometimes dressed in cosplay outfits. “The photos generally have the model in a serene pose even if she’s suspended in the air. I use dramatic lighting to show the figure or musculature (of the model) as well as to accentuate the texture of the rope and the drama associated with that. It’s almost a hyper-realistic level of the figure. It’s an idealization of what kink can be. It’s kink fan art.

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Jesse Flanagan BDSM Videos Part 1

Jesse Flanagan, a 34-year-old Shibari artist based in Dallas, Texas. He’s been practicing Shibari and photographing it exclusively for almost five years. “It’s such an in-depth art form and skill set that you can’t ever stop learning. It’s like playing a musical instrument. If you look at it within the context of other BDSM play, there’s only so many ways you can throw handcuffs on somebody, whereas there are dozens of different ways I can think of right off the top of my head that you can tie someone’s hands together.

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Insex – What A Dog (Model 1016)

Her desire is to please. To serve her master, to follow his commands. Her leather tail wags delightedly at the sound of his praise. In her live feed from December 2000, 1016 demonstrates her prowess as man’s best friend. A well-trained puppy, she would make any master proud. Tags: Ass-plug, BreastBondage, Cage, Caning, Chair, Collar, Decoration, Device, Electro, Endurance, Feeding, Forced Exercise, Forced Orgasm, Gag, Girl-on-girl, Knee Spreader, Leather, Metal Bondage, Mr-Pogo, Nipple Clamp, Rope, Strap, Vibrator, Wax.

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