Dan Hawke – Angels Accounting

Dan Hawke - Angels Accounting

Alisha Agel learns that stealing from the mob is never a good idea. We open with Alisha bound and ready for some delirious tease. The objective is to get a swiss bank account number where she has stored the cash she embezzled from the mob.

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Maxine X Productions – Hooked

6ft Tall, muscular Dylan is whipped, caned, flogged and gagged. Then, her pussy is impaled on a metal hook and she is compelled to cum as hot wax covers her athletic body! Beautiful Belle is tied, gagged, whipped and vibed to a hot compelled orgasm! Maxine X is bound in a reverse hogtie. Then, all her holes are filled as she, too is compelled to cum by Master Scott Rhodes!

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Insex – Pendulum

S4’s live feed from June 2000 begins with the Korean beauty clothed, with a muzzle gag in her mouth and restrained with rope. The dress is removed and she is suspended in tight hogtie wearing only pantyhose. She whines and shouts in the intense position. Candles are placed below, heating her silky body. Dangling over the rousing flames, tears spurt from her eyes and slimy strands of snot fall from her nose.

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Russian Fetish – Bad Business For The Detectives

Russian Fetish - Bad Business For The Detectives

Astrid and Olesya are down on the floor legs up already tied together as he ties their dirty feet together. They wriggle with their feet as well as possible. Why so feisty, they mumble something. Ok if you want it that way, he cuts off another thin long string, they start to spread her toes but they are helpless and he ties their big toes together. Now he can tickle their dirty soles without any problem. After a while and as he threatens them to pour some hot wax from a candle over her dirty soles. After some time they give up.

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