Calstar – Border Patrol

Calstar - Border Patrol

Tina, the border patrol have seen us. You take the stuff and I’ll decoy for you.” The two girls had done a deal with a man in Mexico to bring stuff over the border. But they hadn’t really thought about the consequences. The decoy girl got caught, handcuffed and taken to the guards’ headquarters where she was stripped naked and bound. Tina has yet to be found and brought back.

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Calstar – Tourist Trap 2

Calstar - Tourist Trap 2

The Tourist Trap #2 – our ladies are still in deep trouble as their captors continue to tie and torment them in order to get important information. Ball gags, bandanas, leather straps and exotic ties are used to little avail. How long will it take these women to loosen their tongues? Are they getting too much pleasure in their captor’s confinement?

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Calstar – Tourist Trap 1

Calstar - Tourist Trap 1

Two young women are part of a protest in a South American jungle paradise. When one is captured by a paramilitary group the other tries to break her out. She’s unsuccessful though and she too is bound and teased unrelentlessly. Great ties and suspension for its time! A classic oldie, this will appeal to your primal instincts!

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Calstar – The Trap

Calstar - The Trap

Tearfully, Jody struggles against the ropes that cut into her nakedness and hold her immobile. The burglar found her cache of bondage toys and is using them… on her! But Jody startles herself when, in the midst of her terror, the masked, nubile beauty turns on a red hot heat in her loins! Later, Jody and her girlfriend, Dianah, set a trap to catch the thief, punish her… and torment her… Jody does it for revenge, but Dianah does it because she thinks the thief is from high places… and even poor little rich girls must be punished when they are very bad!

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Calstar – Punished 4

Calstar - Punished 4

Bondage Master Matthew Cole specializes in unfaithful wives but it will take on the frigid, the unruly and the haughty. When his ropes bind a girl she cannot escape, nor avoid the sting of his punishing whip. Five exciting films devoted to Cole’s brand of bondage and punishment, set to mucic and transferred to video for your enjoyment, “Mitzi’s Mistake”, Suspended Punishment”, Hot and Hanging”, “Karen’s Sweet Revenge”, and “Punished Tease”.

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Calstar – Punished 3

Calstar - Punished 3

Matthew Cole, bondage master, specializes in unfaithful wives, but will take on the frigid, the unruly and the Haughty. When his ropes bind a woman, she cannot escape. Nor can she escape the sting of his punishment whip. Watch how our vintage beauties wriggle and squirm for your pleasure This punishment Series is set to music and transferred from film to digital media for your enjoyment.

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Calstar – Punished 2

Calstar - Punished 2

Even though Uncle Albert gives his niece a daily spanking she thinks she is much too old for such behavior. Today Albert has invited a friend to witness his spanking session where he uses both a tawse and a cane to humiliate Annabelle. Her tears in no way dissuade a no holds barred punishment session endured by our wayward niece! Once again, California Star brings you a classic bondage film that is a must see. Packed full of tit tease, humiliation and bondage, this 70s footage is amazing.

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Calstar – Punished 1

Calstar - Punished 1

Classic Fetish fans have a great option in this movie. “One of our best Bondage Oldies” Excitement and danger are mixed with erotic B&D and run rampant in “Punished No.1” Starring: Georgia Van Helsing, Sharon Montgomery, Terri Reynolds and Brandy Martin. They are bound and umercifully Punished! Mathew Cole, “The Mondage Master”, doesn’t advertise. He doesn’t have to. He specializes in unfaithful wives but will take on the frigid, the unruly and the haughty. When his ropes bind a girl she cannot escape, not avoid the string of his punishing whip. Five exciting films devoted to Cole’s brand of bondage and punishment.

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What’s A Guy To Do

What's A Guy To Do

What’s a guy to do when he has a beautiful girl all tied up and completely at his disposal? All seems normal when Jay Edwards pulls his car into his driveway but when he opens the trunk, we see that Heather is in there, all roped up and gagged! Jay carries his tied treasure into the house and fun begins. He starts by pulling up Heather’s skirt and top to examine the goods, then he ties her into a strict strappado/fold to keep her helpless. Re-tied on the floor, the curvaceous brunette is now sexily stripped down to just her stockings and high heels. Jay does not go easy on Heather, he takes her right up to her limits, suspending her legs, pinching and clamping her nipples and whipping her soft flesh.

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Darla’s Darlings

Darla's Darlings

Tanya Danielle is bound first in a spreader-bar Eiffel Tower tie that shows off her amazing legs, then she’s leather strapped into a strict lotus. She really does enjoy bondage and this is evident as Darla applies her gag on camera. Now in the house, Darla first frogties Tanya’s muscular physique, then ropes her to a bench for some vibrator-play that leads to a big orgasm! Juicy Jewell Marceau is up next, immobilized on the bed and cinched into a blue satin corset with matching lingerie and six-inch stiletto heels. Delicious! Her first bondage is a severe frogtie and she struggles beautifully.

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B&D Pleasures – Jewell Marceau Bondage Legend

Jewell Marceau Bondage Legend DVD

Confined within this collection are Jewell Marceau’s favorite fetish scenes ever lensed for B and D Pleasures! They include: her first turns as a dom; Self-bondage scenes; and many scenes with other industry hotties such as Mika Tan, Persephone, Talia Monet, Ashley Renee and many more! Combine all this with her extensive commentary detailing what she was thinking and feeling at the moment of contact, and you have unparalleled insight into the woman. Jewel Marceau choose the scenes herself! They totally demonstrate her Bondage Legend Status! Starring: Jewel Marceau, Ashley Renee, Devin DeMoore, Francesca Lee, Krissy, Kumi, Mistress Persephone, Shannen Kelly, Talia Monet.

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Powershotz – Triple Threat Treat

Powershotz - Triple Threat Treat

Bondage virgin Lexi undergoes strict rope bondage, ball gag and hog tie, then is ass upped and put in her place. Victoria, one hot 18 year old bikini model with smooth and muscular legs. Fully nude, ball gag harnessed, cropped, spanked, and dominated hard at the whipping post. Then Jerzi, that perfect butt, cover girl face, 18 year old sweetheart… she gets bit gagged into drooling submission in a wrist to ankle rope tie that puts that smooth tight little sphincter right out where it can be readily penetrated by a hard cock.

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Powershotz – Pretty Little Profit

Powershotz - Pretty Little Profit

Cheerleader Bobbi is roped up pretty tight when she is awakened by a rough hand sliding up between her thighs. Her cries for help are met with a gag and she is unable to get loose no matter how hard she struggles on the van floor. When he gets her home she is chained to a bench where she is inspected for defects and her gag reflex is tested while she is bound in rope.

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Powershotz – Hard Lessons

Powershotz - Hard Lessons

Three young lovelies stray off course and must be set straight. First April… bird watching on private land. Turns out the property owner was watching her strut her feathers and liked what he saw well enough to grab her, bind her to the trailer, tape gag her, and drive her off into the sunset. Then Samantha… goes to a modeling gig without checking out the photographer first. He strips her, dominates her into submission, strappado cuffs her, binds her kneeling to the post, ball gags and whips her, nipple clamps and fondles. Candy… lovely kitchenette…. with that water running and the door unlocked she is setting herself up for a good stripping followed by a trip upstairs. Nice kick ass little struggler.

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