The Interrogation Of Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie awoke slowly, shaking her head trying to clear the cobwebs. She tried to move her body and quickly realized she was tied, tied very tightly. She tried to open her eyes and learned she was blindfolded. She was sitting but when she tried to stand she realized she was nearly welded to the chair. Assessing her situation Chrissy was pretty sure she was naked. Her arms were over the top of the back of a chair. Her wrists were bound palm to palm with tight ropes. Her shoulders were yoked together and pulled back. These ropes were most likely tied to her elbows which were also tied closely together giving her arms no slack. Her legs were spread open tied to the front legs of the chair at the ankles and knees. Ropes also encircled her chest above and below her breasts and were cinched in between her ample bosoms which were now getting her attention.

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