The Interrogation Of Reagan Lush

Pretty blonde Reagan Lush is a well trained competant spy and she has information that I need. I have her bound to a wooden board in an abandoned building. Her wrists are cuffed in leather and her feet are bound together. I start the interrogation but Reagan refuses to talk. I laugh at her as I peel down her wet jeans leaving Reagan bound to the board with everything exposed. I remove her bikini top and squeeze, pull and twist her nipples. I attach some nipple suckers and watch as her nipples grow and harden for the next step. The whipping and the question session continues. I remove the nipple suckers revealing Reagan’s inflated nipples then I taunt her with electrical nipple clamps. Her eyes widen in fear as I attach them to each big nipple beginnning with a low current. With every bad answer I increase the voltage drastically and with every shock her tits tighten and she screams.

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