Welcome To Hell – Greyhound Boiler Room Movie

Let me put it like this, this is the longest, most intense, cruelest movie we have ever produced. And, of course, that is because it is Greyhound making her debut in Hell! And we made a movie of her being made to clean more more than twenty years of garbage and debris that has accumulated in the deepest bowels of Hell! The bitch’s day started in the cage in the dungeon, cold and dank. She got a nice ration of piss in her morning coffee bowl. The cunt has let her grooming go a bit, so next the inch of hair on her head is shaved off. Chains around her waist connect to wrist cuffs because, well, it Is Hell! and we don’t want to make things too easy for this animal. From there, outside to the boiler room hurricane door and down the stone steps to the worst place in Hell! And then the real torture began.

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